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Command Center Downloads

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When you insert a service tag into the File Library, the Command Center offered might be an old one. Loading an older version could corrupt the Master Input/Output board. Instead, use this posting which will be updated if newer versions roll out.

A new AWCC (Alienware Command Center) version has been released but it is within the Alienware TactX Keyboard/Mouse software download. A user who installed it told me that the Desktop version is I have verified that the Laptop version is I loaded the Laptop version on my M18x-R1. It successfully upgraded to
* Download this Alienware Tact X Software & Driver for Keyboard and Mouse file to your windows desktop
* Run the file and it will automatically expand to C:\Dell\Drivers\YV7PN\
* Remove the currently loaded Command Center. When done, restart the system
* Open C:\Dell\Drivers\YV7PN\
* Open 1.10.39a.GM
* Open CD
* Open 2a-AWCC
* Open 2.8
* Open either Desktops (X51, Area-51, Aurora-R4) or Laptops (M18x-R1) and run the setup file
* Systems that we know do not support this AWCC = M15x
I do not have the TactX Keyboard/Mouse, so once done, I copied the folder containing just the AWCC to it's own location to save it for future use. I then deleted the 584MB YV7PN folder.

Area-51, Area-51 ALX, Aurora-R1, Aurora-R1 ALX, Aurora-R2, Aurora-R3, Aurora-R4, X51
7/9/12 A02-00 (App_DT_AWCC_W7_X04_Setup_TD4C0_ZPE.exe)

M11x-R3, M14x-R1, M14x-R2, M17x-R3, M17x-R4, M18x-R1, M18x-R2
7/10/12,, A01-00 (App_NT_AWCC_W7_X03_Setup_XTN7J_ZPE.exe)

M11x-R1, M11x-R2, M15x, M17x-R1, M17x-R2
6/17/10,, A07 (R272621.exe)

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