Alienware left hinge M14X complaint

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Alienware left hinge M14X complaint

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I am having the exact same issues as the others posted on this issue. Wat is wrong with Dell!!!! I am so frustrated and angry.

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  • Same issue just happened to me - left hinge..... I will call and see about the warranty tomorrow but hopefully it is covered since it seems to be something with the left hinge specifically and happened from regular non-abusive use.

  • darleegwen,

    The M11x was the only Alienware laptop that Dell decided to replace the LCD assembly (includes hinges) regardless of warranty status. All other Alienware laptops must follow the restrictions of the warranty you purchased. If the warranty has expired, we will not replace the LCD assembly for free. You must purchase the M14x LCD assembly from Dell Spare Parts 1-800-357-3355 and replace the part yourself or have a local technician do the part swap -
    M14x-R1 =
    Black LCD Assemblies
    1DTDH HD+ (900p, 1600x900), WiMax
    F7VG6 HD+ (900p, 1600x900), WLAN
    YFTP4 HD (720p, 1280x720), WiMax
    KDC9P HD (720p, 1280x720), WLAN

    Red LCD Assemblies
    JCDFY HD+ (900p, 1600x900), WiMax
    6JDH8 HD+ (900p, 1600x900), WLAN
    N1WNK HD (720p, 1280x720), WiMax
    DTJ5N HD (720p, 1280x720), WLAN

    M14x-R2 =
    Black LCD Assemblies
    PTPR9 LCD, HD+ (900p, 1600x900), WLAN+DMC, Black
    MXR9X LCD, HD  (720p, 1366X768), WLAN+DMC, Black
    THP6D LCD, HD+ (900p, 1600x900), WLAN+WiMax, Black
    RJ31W LCD, HD  (720p, 1366X768), WLAN+WiMax, Black

    Red LCD Assemblies
    WRGF7 LCD, HD+ (900p, 1600x900), WLAN+DMC, Red
    FFGFG LCD, HD  (720p, 1366X768), WLAN+DMC, Red
    HP0W3 LCD, HD+ (900p, 1600x900), WLAN+Wimax, Red
    M9HJD LCD, HD  (720p, 1366X768), WLAN+WiMax, Red

  • Chris m, am I correct in saying there are NOT desperate warranty policies for different models of Alienware laptops?

  • Separate, lol, not desperate.

  • iaminfamous,

    Each model has its own warranty policies. What we did for the M11x does not apply to any other model.

  • OK. Assuming OUR warranties are public knowledge, could you post a link, or post a sticky pointing us to the policy so myself and other owners can download or read. That might alleviate the confusion.

  • I think I am confusing you. What I mean is the standard Dell warranty covers all the hardware. Meaning, if it is inside of the warranty period you paid for, we will replace the broken part. Once outside of the warranty period, you pay for the parts. What I was trying to show you all is that the Dell decision on the M11x does not apply to any other laptop.

  • I'm not confused. You said ALL products have the same warranty. Then, the m11x differs. The m14x hinge issue seems tobe just as wide spread. But if ALL product warranties are the same, then the 14 should also be covered the same. As long as its within the warranty period. To say they are all the same, but the m11x has a separate decision is an obvious contradiction. I know YOU do not dictate policy, but you must understand the problem with that statement.

  • From what I found in Google, Dell decided to replace any M11X that had that hinge issue even if it was outside warranty.  So I think he is saying that this out of warranty repair only applied to the M11X.

  • Right, I understand that. But that does not explain why he is refusing to answer my question. Or refusing to give owners a link to their warranty. I have never heard of a company that willfully keeps warranty policies from their consumers. That is not OK.

  • "You said ALL products have the same warranty."

    * I meant they all follow the same guidleines here.

    Of course there will be exceptions like the M11x hinge. Bottomline, the M14x will not be repaired by us if the warranty has expired.

  • Thank you.

  • My hinge issue on the MX14 was well inside my warrenty. Dell never did help me. If anyone out there wants to do a joint law suit, I would be interested.

  • My posts regarding this have been deleted by I am sure yours will be.

    It would be nice if a company representative could come on here and explain the reluctance to communicate, and exactly WHY the part breaks so easily, rather than just delete customer's posts about it.

    As a general rule, laptop users are smart folks who appreciate a straightforward explanation.

    I just purchased a new laptop for my wife, who owns the computer that is falling apart. I'd sure like to hear that the new M14's DONT have the same problem.

  • I sent my laptop in, within warranty, and Dell fixed the hinge issue without any trouble. No complaints from me, but I really feel there is a weakness with that hinge if everyone is having the issue with the left hinge and not the right...