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New Alienvare X51 Bios Ver. A06

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New Alienvare X51 Bios Ver. A06

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Hello everyone, I saw that they released a new version of the bios to alienware X51 (A06) 31/07/12,
but the site does not have a changelog, does anyone know the changes in this new release??
many thanks in advance


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  • I tried the download link on the page, but I just get "file not found".

    Like once before with the Command Centre, they place the new version on the support page before the file is ready.

  • Taomyn,

    Your link is working for me?


    There is no changelog internally either.

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  • "File not found" message to me too!

    What's wrong?

  • Worked for me, try clearing your browser's cache, or maybe use IE?

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  • the file downloaded fine for me but I will wait for the changelog before I even think about installing since right now I have no problems with my X51

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  • It should address anyone having issues with their X51 not fully shutting down (lights stay on) or not going into sleep mode properly.

  • Thanks, clearing the cache worked after a few attempts. Strange as this was a different PC.

    I've updated.

  • I have donload and happly the new bios a06.. I noticed no visible changes except the intel EC embledded firmware update from to 8.0.13 xxx this should add compatibility with new cpu.. but I am curious to know all the changes in the new version


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  • Tried with IE and worked. Thanks.

  • I'll tell you one thing this changes - the default GPU on boot. It annoyingly changed it to the discrete nVidia card instead of my default which is the integrated Intel. Was wondering why when I temporarily changed my AV amp setting I still couldn't see the BIOS setup screen and why the right-click menu "Choose GPU" for applications had disappeared.

    Had to dig out a DVI to VGA cable so I could set it back Angry