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  • Hi all, I have a M11x R3 and have tried numerous ways to get the intergrated webcam working but with no luck, when I start any of the dell webcam programs, I get a messege telling me that no supported webcam is connected, I have changed the whole LCD unit with a new one and still get the same messege, I also tried every dell webcam program I can find, including Dell WebCam Central, Dell Intergrated Webcam and Dell Webcam software manager, all install correctly, but will not "connect" with the webcam - Any suggestions greatly appreciated



  • Any input on this problem would be fantastic???

  • I am having a similar issue. The webcam is no longer there in device manager and I have an "unknown" USB device listed.

    I keep getting a "USB Device" error popping up in the tray. It happens sometimes when I raisew or lower the lid. I suspect the cable from the webcam to the motherboard is damaged and moving the lid is affecting it.

    Thankfully I bought extended warranty and Dell are sending someone out next week.

  • Hi troelshartmann, please let me know how you go with the webcam issue

  • Dell came out and replaced the screen. All good again now.

  • Thanks, I think I may need to replace some cables