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Alienware M17x Nvidia GTX260m drivers

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Alienware M17x Nvidia GTX260m drivers

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As per the title I am trying to update my drivers for this card, the Dell supported ones are from 2010 and massively out of date. I have managed to get ver 295.51 drivers to install by editing installer files but i really shouldn't have to do that and as yet i cannot get the newest (301.42) to install. Are Dell ever going to release some official graphics drivers for this card or are they too busy counting my money....

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  • Agreed!!! Its pretty bad service! I spent a small fortune on this laptop so I would have one that would keep up with the latest games for a few years and its disappointing to say the least that we have been forgotten about now that they have our money. I love alienware but this has soured me.

  • Did you try loading the 301.42 WHQL driver as the Admin after disabling all antivirus and firewall software?

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  • This has been an ongoing problem for a while now. We need drivers that work for our systems.

  • dell much abandonded support  for older parts .... but there is modded inf's and nvidia supports so honestly  its hit and miss if they work, you can dry loptop2video's modded inf ... works nice on  sisters M1530/8600GT :) aswell as my MSI with 8600M  :O

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    Really? We aren't idiots.

    With posts like that, you have to wonder. Indifferent
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  • When I do this it says there is no compatible hardware. When I use the NVIDIA's site auto-scanner it says the hardware has been customized and I need the drivers from DELL's site. Your site's drivers are YEARS old, when graphics drivers should be updated every month, your company touts itself as THE place for PC gamers to get the BEST but your systems are out of date and cant even be upgraded. I'd like to play games from the last two years without any issues, but I cannot on your systems.

    This is terrible, if this is the way DELL is gonna support its customers than you shall not be counting me among them the next time I buy a pc.

  • <-- works great  for my older 8600M M1530  and my MSI 8600M ...

  • But we're using 260m with windows 7, so linking stuff that works for other cards on other OS doesn't seem to apply.

  • its most recent video card drivers for laptops that are modified, i ran drivers off this site in 2009/2010 when i had my M17X R1 (before dell tech did surgery on it and was pronounced dead)  

    and for reference the M1530 is on windows 7 the msi is on windows 8 and my M17X was windows 7 .. so maybe try it i had dual 260's then dua; 280's trust me they worked nice for me till cards failed

    the driver page link i posted is current laptop drivers.

  • The link you put has for Linux FreeBSD and Solaris, which one is win7?

  • no its main page maybe click drivers at top of page?

  • I've got the same system as OP and this driver incl modded inf works for me, at last: But yes, its about time DELL updates drivers for its existing costumers -_-

  • I've tried with all the possible versions of drivers and modified infs by I always found the system pretty unstable. With all the crashed and the need to force the shout down I totally destroied the file system and I had to format the drive several times. Perhaps its becasue I've a SLI configuration, wich causes more problems than performance improvements. I use my Alienware mainly for video editing and photo editing, but with out of date drivers I cannot even use the gpu power with photoshop, nor with cinema 4d. The quality of the hardware is very good, but the software support sucks so much that I cannot use it in any way. I'm totally disappointed and I'm pretty sure I won't buy any dell product again in future

  • have an alieware m17x r1 i dont find a vieo driver update since aug 2010 (gtx260m) you can help me it'impossiblile play with teh most news game..(like fifa 2013)! plese help me please!!!

  • again il post this

    just donwload proper drivers for your OS ..