HDMI connection problem

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HDMI connection problem

  • Im trying to connect through a HDMI to my samsung tv. I have the cable between HDMI out on latop to tv.

    The cable works fine with the tv as it works on my Acer latop.

    My laptop detects the samsung tv in the "screen resolution page". But it will not show on my tv source list,

    AMD radeon HD 6900m series card in the latop.

  • Ok just tried a 1meter HDMI cable which was expensive and it works. The cheap 3 meter ebay HDMI does not work...

  • Thanks for the update. What Alienware model was this on? Can you post a link to the cable that worked?

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  • Alienware m18x

    I got a 1mter long HDMI called monster HDMI when i bought my LED tv and it seemed to work. It is odd as my other laptop works fine with any HDMI

  • I am also having this same issue i have tried several different HDMI cables with no luck. I've also tried a VGA cord which seems to detect my pc but doesn't have any picture.

  • I have the same problem. is there the only problem of the cable or the hardware problem?