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Alienware MX11 Webcam

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So i got this laptop not that long ago. I remember using the software for the webcam 1 time. And now i cant find it on my computer and im not sure where i can go to get the software supported for the webcam thats integrated in to it. I know it works cause i can go into facebook and stuff and take pics on it without any issues.

I just can not find the software on the computer anymore to actually open it and take regular pictures without using facebook for it. Please Help Thanks.

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  • May I ask what software it was that you used before?

    If it was preinstalled software I would recommend trying to reinstall from the discs that came with your system or going to the drivers and downloads section and seeing if it is available for download.

    If you are just looking for a basic software to use, there are plenty out there. If you let me know what your exact needs are I might be able to help you find some software options.


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  • DHammel,

    * For systems that shipped with Windows 7, there is only the native Windows 7 webcam driver. You may use our Dell Webcam Central software or any of the others out there: Skype, Manycam, Yawcam, Webcammax, etc.

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