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Alienware M11x FN+F2 not working

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Alienware M11x FN+F2 not working

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the battery icon on my laptop keyboard doesn't do anything. I was able to change screen brightness, start the alien console, basically use the other FN+ key combos but not the battery one. I was trying it to verify the "unofficial" workaround for disabling battery charger from windows. And no that didn't break it because it didn't work before that either. Other people have posted success in doing this from windows which alienware for some reason doesn't update the first gen M11s with this. I ran the Alienware console update check and no updates were found so that is up to date

Its supposed to open a battery meter OSD in the orignal config.


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  • You need to download the battery meter program (

    Then place the program into the startup folder.  Once it is in the startup folder it will run on turn on.  fn f2 will then open the program and allow you to turn off the battery.

    Stock the fn f2 button simply gives you a status of the battery, it does not turn it off.  But after btmeter is installed, the button will turn it off.