tv not picking hdmi signal from x51 after restarting

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tv not picking hdmi signal from x51 after restarting

  • the first time i boot up my new x51, i used the hdmi cable to output on my samsung tv... the pc detected the cable and had no problem displaying it on the tv.... however, after i restart the pc, the tv is not detecting anything from the x51! how do i fix this? i do not have a vga cable right now so i dont have any alternatives.... are there anyways we can reset the display to hdmi with any key combination on the keyboard?

  • i have the same problem i need a key combination or something because i cant see anything on my except a blue screen. the comp is weird and doesnt even have a VGA port. Is this nonsense???

  • Are you both using the onboard HDMI Intel HD2000 or the HDMI on the Geforce GT545/GT555?

  • Geforce GT545/GT555 i think. right after i started to install the microsoft windows 7 home premium sp1 64 bit -  my screen went blue and said no signal. the only thing i would guess to do is to go to walmart and buy a different video cable...

  • do u know what to do chris?

  • You might ask the OS guys, but I do not know if the HDMI out works when installing the OS clean from the OS CD? I thought you had to use VGA or DVI?

  • i've fix the problem by using a dvi to hdmi cable.....  i guess the pc doesn't automatically detects the hdmi output... either that, or there's no way to use the hdmi port as the primary display output for the pc.... oh well...

  • I just received my x51 today and it ran great for a few hours using the hdmi to a tv. Did all my basic new computer stuff and after a reboot the hdmi out  on the board stopped working. I had to use video card and connect to a monitor to see the comp screen. While it was running on the monitor I plugged in the hdmi from the tv but the comp wouldn't/couldn't detect the tv. Not sure if the comp settings are running only the video card outputs and not from the discrete mb graphics.

  • The gtx555 has a Mini-HDMI port. To get it to run on your TV, you'll need a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable. I had no problems going from both PC display to TV. I know the integrated card is HDMI. Are you sure your using the right port?

  • I saw the mini  hdmi port on the card. I ordered a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable today. When I first unpacked the computer I used the full  size hdmi port to plug it into my tv. It worked fine. Sound too. The computer did its updates and when it said restart I did and the hdmi port hasn't  worked since. I think this might be a software setting that changed somehow. It just seemed strange that it no longer even recognizes the tv as a 2nd screen in the display settings. This is my first new  pc computer in almost 10 years so I apologize if my tech savvy isn't up to date.

  • Lol, it's kool. Are you trying to setup your PC Display/TV as a dual monitor? The onboard integrated card (HMDI port) can be used if enabled in Bios. It's just a backup if something is wrong with your GTX. Your GTX card can support 3 monitors. You ordered a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable, so you should be good. ;)

  • I'm trying to use this as an htpc application. So it will be used on the TV alone with no other monitors. My understanding of video cards was a bit backwards. I thought it was to be used through the motherboard and the comp would decide wether to switch between on boards graphics and the card as needed. I will use the mini port off the card as soon as I get the new cord tomorrow. I'm assuming I will need to run so audio wires from my stereo to the x51 for sound output. That was the other part that left me thinking the hdmi port on the mb did it all because it was playing sound thru my tv when I watched some YouTube clips.

  • I had the same problem. Apparently the onboard HDMI is supposed to be disabled by default when you receive the machine from the factory, however I was able to do the initial start up with a HDMI cable with no problems. The next time I tried to boot up my monitor couldn't detect the machine.

    The solution is to start up with a VGA cable and enable the onboard HD in BIOS, then you can shutdown again, switch to a HDMI cable and everything should run fine. The real kicker for me was that I also bought a Dell monitor with my x51 and the monitor came with an incompatible cable, so I had to spend money on a cable I'll probably never use again.

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