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How long to build the M17x-R3?

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How long to build the M17x-R3?

  • I really just want to know if the M17 usually arrives before the preliminary ship date or more often than not right when it says it will. I really don't care if it arrives early or not, although of course that would be great. It's just that I thought I read somewhere that they usually do and when I ask the sales "experts" they all seem to either not care or have no clue and just give me the "book" answer. So I went online and could not find anything about how good Alienware is about getting the product out to you early. I have been checking on the Alienware Club as well as other sites including YouTube and nothing. It was just a little frustrating that I couldn't find a single thing to help answer my question. Again I'm not asking this question because I'm impatient, I would just like to know if more often than not they do or don't. I know it all depends on if  the parts are up to par and if they get there on time and if it does take them longer to build it that's fine, it just means they were that much more thorough when building it. Thanks for any help!

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    Order Date: Feb. 9th 2012                                                                                                                                                                   Preliminary Ship Date: March 2nd 2012

  • well when i ordered my R1 way back i was quoted 4 weeks arived in 3 ... then my R2 was quoted 24 days arived in 14 days .. my second R2 was a replacement was told 6 weeks was 10 days .... my final R2 was quoted 3-4 weeks  arrived before  *online system* said shipped was still in *production*  .. my 17R was quoted 3 weeks got it in 9 days :O  but recently there has been an allocation issue due to floods ect on some parts so hold the 4 weeks your quoted as actual time  till around the 25day or so  if no update has happened

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  • Yea I pretty much had it in my head that it won't get here until either right on March 2nd or afterward. Not because I don't think Alienware is capable of getting it out early but because that way there's no room for disappointment. Thanks for the help though, it's good to get information from someone who has the experience with Dell and Alienware.

  • My M17X R3 arrived one week earlier than the preliminary arrival date

  • I just checked with Dell and they said there is a delay with getting the graphics card so I won't see the laptop until the 15th of March and that I should call for order support. When I did call I got two different answers,one of them said there was a delay and that it should still get here on the 2nd the other also said it would be here on the 2nd but that they did not know what the other two Dell representatives were talking about because there are no delays. So I figure two against one and hopefully it will be here on the 2nd, also that Dell REALLY needs to get there customer service employees on the same page.

  • hello i have an order for the same day 02/03/2012 ) M17x R3, i live in UK

    Order date: 17/02/2012

    Order Status: In Production (since 4days ago)

    Estimated Delivery Date: 02/03/2012

  • Did you order the Nvidia GeForce 580M with it? because I was told there was a delay with getting that video card from one Dell representative and then I was told there is no delay from another, so I was just wondering if anyone else has heard anything.

  • no my order was with 1.5gb gtx560M and today the order status change to "SHIPPED"!!! im so excited!!

  • Thats awesome! Let me know how it is when you get it.

  • That's funny.  I ordered mine on Feb. 1st 2012.  My (updated) Estimated Ship date is March 8th 2012.  The delay is because of the 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M.  I was told today that they will not receive the cards until March 15th 2012.  

  • Sad ;(

  • Mine arrived two weeks before the expected delivery date, but that might be just lucky

  • I ordered mine on Feb 19th.  Mine won't be shipped until the 15th, per the EDD.  I ordered the 580M, as well as the 2x750GB drives...both stated that delays might occur with those selections.  I didn't want the ATI card and wanted as much HDD space as possible (for a sane price).  I wasn't prepared for a month-long wait, though.  I'm hoping that the graphics cards debacle will get sorted out before then.  

  • Did you order the Nvidia GeForce 580M with it? because I was told there was a delay with getting that video card from one Dell representative and then I was told there is no delay from another, so I was just wondering if anyone else has heard anything.

    * I just got an email. The Nvidia GeForce 580m is on extended lead time. It does not say why but it effects both the M17x and M18x.

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  • yeah I ordered the 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M card...

    I know better than to believe the first person I talk to though, hence the sarcasm when mentioning any expedition.