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Alienware X51 - No Video when using Onboard HDMI port

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Alienware X51 - No Video when using Onboard HDMI port

  • The onboard HDMI port is disabled by default on the system. The system is set to work with the discrete video card. Since the computer is set to use the discrete video card, all POST/Windows will display from the nVidia GT545/GTX555 video cards. Onboard HDMI will not work since it is routed to the onboard video card.

    If you would like to use the onboard HDMI instead of the discrete video card
    * Power on your system, press the F2 key to access the System Bios
    * Go to the Advanced tab and select Integrated Devices and hit Enter
    * Go to Primary Display and select IGFX to enable the onboard video card which handles the onboard HDMI port
    * Press F10 and Save and Exit. At this point, plug your TV or Monitor to the HDMI Out port

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  • Hello,

    Can I use both Regular and Mini HDMIs to connect two monitors?

    If not what options do I have if I wanna connect two monitors to the desktop?

    Thank you.

  • Hi, I plugged my HDMI into the one above the USB's at first it was working fine until my computer froze up and my TV said there was no longer signal. So I restarted the computer and the computer crashed again doing the same thing it did last time. So I decided to uninstall the programs I installed before this was happening but my computer won't send any signal to the TV anymore and I don't have a normal monitor laying around to fix this. It's only been with me for a day and I have been playing Star Wars Old Republic at 1080p and now it just won't even show any sign of life on my T.V. screen. What is going on here?

    Edit: I have fixed my problem by plugging into the graphics card, I just didn't understand why it worked for a bit and then nothing. 

  • I have the same issue, HDMI doesnt work.  I bought this system on Saturday from "COMPUME" at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. First when i connected with the HDMI port , it worked i.e there was display on my TV. My TV is a LG Plasma 50 inches, but the resolution was terrible. So I tried changing the display settings and from then on there was no display. So, I took it to shop this evening, either they fix it or replace with a new one, the PC' guys had a look..when I was there they connected through HDMI it didnt work, so they connected with DVI, it worked. It gave a message saying fixing errors - so i left to do little shopping. When I came back they said its all sorted, now I could take the PC back and it would work fine. Came home and connected its still the same issue, so when I called them to support it, they gave me Dell support number and asked me to call them and they would come home and fix it. They kept saying, it worked on HDMI  as well when I wasnt there..

    Anyways, the story is - its not plug and play and support is terrible. In the hindsight, I should have gone for a mac mini instead of this mess I am in..

  • Your going to have to llok for a monitor that has VGA or DVI support and plug it in if you want to check out the screen.

    Basically once you boot hit the F2 key on your keybord and configure your BIOS options on Advanced and Graphics Cards, switch it from Discrete to IGFX.

    Your going to have to do this manually. (I know this stinks, but I was in there too, and it was my only work around).

  • hi im trying to do as said but my F2 key does not open the said window please help?


  • I seem to have the opposite problem. Just got a brand new Alienware PC. I can get no joy from the HDMI socket on the video card, the computer only recognises my TV if I use the HDMI socket at the top rear of the PC (the one NOT on the video card). This leaves me with cruddy graphics options if I try to use the TV for gaming (I guess because the video card is not being used?).

    My monitor works fine with the video card using the old-fashioned monitor connection (sorry, don't know what you call that), but I wanted to have the TV as a second option without having to switch the cables over each time.

    Do I also need to muck around with the System Bios to get my computer to use the HDMI socket on the video card? If so what option do I need to pick?

  • I have the same problem. Even the keyboard and the mouse (no light in lens, ...) do not work. So, even to try blindly (black screen : cannot see the bios) does not work.

    I hope DELL support can do some help if they got some intel on the issue. I wonder if it s related to the last BIOS versions ??? I got the bios version A07.

    Damn it I have work to do and there is nothing to do I ve tried to disconnect the battery same thing.

    When I remember that I was thinking of buying an Alienware laptop ... That awful I cannot work due to this issue.

  • I just did this and now I can't see a thing, but if can here the wi does boot up sound.