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Check you warranty status using your service tag number

  • I'm still having Dell mess up my warranty,

    I purchased a three year warranty for which Dell cancelled on their own after the first year. For more than a year Dell refused to work on my system or replace parts. It took the BBB to help correct this matter and Dell paid for the parts I had to purchase on my own.

    Today my power button started to fail so I called tech support. I was told once again I had no warranty. It took 30 minutes to resolve. In the mean time I looked at my warranty status and it to said no information available. Two weeks ago when I checked it said October 2012. Now I have no warranty again. My next day business day support was also removed but had never been honored either.

    Everyone needs to constantly monitor your system warranty status or any other options you paid for. They have a tendency to be removed prior to their end-of-service agreement at Dell.

    Just for the record here is my warranty status, again, after they restored it today.

  • Wow. I would imagine that you would have proof you paid for the extended warranty through a receipt or email, no?

  • Its funny you mentioned this. My original Auroras warranty status is right, the one I bought last year says my Warranty expires in 282 days, when I bought a 3 year plan