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Alienware M14x DVD Drive Issues

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Alienware M14x DVD Drive Issues

  • I recently purchased and received my Alienware M14x, and have encountered a couple of disconcerting issues with the DVD slot drive.

    Initially, I had trouble with the DVD slot drive when trying to burn my Backup discs. The drive would make several loud noises almost as if grinding sounds at first (compared to the silence of a PS3 slot drive), then attempted to read for several moments and finally not read it all together. However, after trying repeatedly with several blank discs I was able to successfully burn the discs. I still have trouble with the drive not being able to read particular discs though not all. And still a considerably noisy drive when inserting discs. I still have warranty and do hope the issue can be resolved without too much hassle.

    Please let me know if anyone has seen this before or if anyone has got any suggestions, as they would be well appreciated. THANKS  :)

  • hi there  I have also M14x laptop like yours, you are right it makes a loud noise and sometimes the cd stock inside you can get it out  its so annoying and now my cd rom is not working any more.... 

  • It sounds like you both need new drives. If they are making a loud noise then it's most definitely a hardware issue. If you are under warranty you should call Alienware so they can get them replaced.


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  • I am having the same problem and the noisy at the start of loading dvd. It all start when the driver went mission