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  • I was working last night with Microsoft Exel on my Alienware m14x and then i decided to sleep because it was already late.

    I slowly turned down the LCD to put it into sleep mode. When i woke up the following day, I tried to open the lid to work again but it only sat there with no display but with the alien fx on then the beeping came along... seven consecutive beeps. 

    Can somebody please tell me what's wrong? I just got this unit less than 2 months and it was running perfectly until just this morning, it's slowly becoming a nightmare.

    I'm currently in the Philippines and the unit was bought on Monday, November 28, 2011 9:46 PM in Los Angeles, California.

    Can somebody please help me with this...

    1.) What's wrong with my laptop?

    2.) Will DELL technical support help me?

  • well this is usually an indication of cpu or motherboard  issue/failing  or it might just be a random thing you can try this tho and see if it works:


     7 beeps.  ?  remove the battery ,hold  the alien head for 40 seconds  with no power connected or battery installed, then  reinstall battery, reconnect power and turn on ...  if next time you place it to sleep and requires doign this to get it back it is most likely a hardware issue, which Bios update if applicable might address but if not  ... is something more serious..

  • i have the A06 bios and everything in stock... i'll try this one and see if it works... if it does, i will never put my laptop so sleep again...

  • ok so i tried everything i could but to no avail... still the seven beeps came along... I don't know what to do now except to wait for what my aunt in L.A. will tell me.. thanks though..

  • well the 7 beeps code is  more specified failure of motherboard or impending failure if the above mentioned didnt get it back turning on ,  i know you can call dell  and they will help you as for warranty repair i doubt it being your not in country  it was purchased  atm