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Alienfx (windows media player light show)

  • ello people, this is my first post, in fact i signed up jsut so i could ask this question (never been hear before besides right now anyway). When i start up windows media player and play a song and go to "now playing", the song does play and it shows the alienhead and the lights DO light up wiht the music. The thing is, they kinda suck. There are like 2 songs i can think of where the lights actually do light up with the song (at certain parts) but for the most part they are off beat and dont always even go along with whats happening (a nice strong beat goes by and they are black). Now at first i was like thats ok its not like its a necessity or anything, but ive had it for a few months now and it would be nice to have it work better. i say this because ive seen some people who have the light show running with WMP but there is perfect. and even more so, ive seen many videos where not only are the lights in perfect tune with the song, but they also light up in differant sections at differant times then eachother. Like the middle right will be green while the very left will be red and the headlights wont even have anything on. and then the next beat comes along and they change. Ive seen alot of these video on the web but never a tutorial (or at least a half descent explanation on how to get it too work this way.) an example would be like this:  . now i dont listen to this type of music but i would imagine it working this way with rock as much as with "usher" (which is the music that is playing). anybody know how to do what this guy did?