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Warranty extension: Does it make sense??

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Warranty extension: Does it make sense??

  • HI guys, I bought my m11x R1 about 11months ago and i was wondering whether it makes sense to extend my warranty considering the fact that Dell has already decided to kind of treat this laptop as an outdated model by not updating any drivers and stuff.

    However i still intend to keep this laptop for another year atleast and given the fact that it keeps having minor faults which dell support fixes within a day it seem like i should get an extension for my warranty.

    Am really confused any suggestions.

    Also does anyone know how much does complete cover package for this model cost.




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  • These days if you have a really bad issue with your system Dell will just cancel the warranty and refund the difference back to you. They did that to me. So the answer is no dont buy it... they will not honor it.


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  • Going back to the early 2000's I have purchased three dell computers.  One XPS top of the line and two Alienware Auroras one of which I'm just about to get.  Knock on wood I have never had the support problems others have.  I have had two problems between the two computers I already had.  On the XPS about 2 years after I got it my HD died on me and I called, was still under full warranty and they had a guy out the next day that replaced it no problem.  When I got my first Aurora in my video card was DOA.  They had someone in the next day exchanged it no problem, no questions.  I'm not sure how serious of a problem morblore is referring to but as far as parts wearing out or breaking I have never had an issue and it has saved me money.  Plus Dell gives you equal or better (most times better)  than what you got to begin with if it has been long enough they aren't offering what you originally got.  

  • When deciding whether or not to get an extended warranty you should ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Do you expect any hardware issues?

    2. If you hard a hardware issue could you replace the hardware on your own?

    3. Can you find resolutions to software problems on your own?

    Your technical knowledge and experience should be deciding factor. A lot of people get an extended warranty because they do not have the technical expertise to make the repairs themselves. Some of the more common hardware failures are the keyboard, hard drive, optical drive, and LCD. With the exception of the LCD it would be cheaper to purchased the parts and replace them yourself. LCD's can be very expensive but the warranty does not cover everything. Cracks and other impact related damage is not covered by the warranty unless you purchase an Accidental Damage Warranty.

    Software issues are something else to consider. The software support covered by the warranty is usually limited to the factory installed software. Viruses and other such problems will probably be resolved by running a system recovery to restore it to the factory settings. Technical support will in most cases not have access to any drivers that are not listed on the Dell Support website.

    Even if you do not have much technical skill you can usually do a web search to find a resolution. In the worst case scenario you can do a system recovery to wipe your system and return it to its factory state.

    Personally I have never purchased an extended warranty on a computer and have not needed one (knocks on wood). The only issue I have had with any of my computers was a failed hard drive which I replaced myself with a larger unit.

    I hope this helps!


  • Habanero makes an excellent point.  If its something you know how to do you can replace it yourself.  Warranties have served me well so if I tend to go with them.  I would have spent a ton on my laptop had I not had a warranty on it.  It really is the "million dollar" question, will you need it.  I like to be on the safe side.  I can't comment on Dell not honoring it though.  I'd be very ticked off if that happened to me considering I put my money up front for the service.

  • I had an M15x that I didn't purchase an extended warranty for, and I regretted it because I needed for multiple, expensive repairs in year two (mothboard, fan, video card).  I have purchased extended warranties for two alienware desktops (3 years) and an M17x R2 (2 years) based on how long I thought I was going to use each system before I upgraded.  The M17xR2 has required multiple repairs, and I think that Dell has notes in their system telling the tech to start pulling their hair out the minute they get a call from me, but you know what?  They have fixed everything, every time, and they have done it very, very quickly (either onsite or with an astonishly quick overnight turnaround).  I have never had them "cancel" the warranty and refund the difference, nor are they allowed to in the U.S. (I do not know if the poster above lives someplace else, but they cannot do that here).  

    Note that the extended warranty is NOT the same thing as the "accidental damage" warranty, which only kicks in if the system damage is due to non-manufacturer defects, and only kicks in if you follow a byzantine series of notifications to Dell (or their third party insurer).  I do not recommend purchasing this kind of warranty because it is difficult to ever get any company to honor it (not just Dell), and it doesn't cover hardware failures that cannot be directly attributed to some system trauma.  And that is easier than you might think to test.  So, get the extended warranty at the time of purchase for as long as you think you will use your system, ignore the accidental damage warranty, and go home happy.  If anything, it makes the unit much, much easier to sell at the end of year one if you stilll have two years of a warranty left on it.  Buyers pay attention to that.


  • Hey hankdennemann is the M15x a laptop?  

  • the m15x is a laptop yes. Also my vote is dont get the warranty. I had an issue with my PC from day one and getting it fixed was like pulling teeth. I ended up fixing it myself out of pocket after wasting countless hours of my life trying to get Dell to fix it. But some people have good experiences, I for one did not.

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  • The reason I've asked is no matter where I have gotten laptops from I've had some kind of problem.  I got a warranty with my latest and thank goodness....in a three year period I had to take it in for the same problem 4 times.  This was not a Dell laptop though this was through another company.  I didn't really have a horrible time getting it fixed any of the times but the wait sucked.  I use my laptop for work associated things and not having was a killer.  

  • Hey Brandon, thanks for your feedback. And here are my answers to your questions.

    1. Do i expect hardware issues:: quite frankly yes! i've had my mobo replaced 3 times during the past 11months and so i cant really take a chance with that not happening again.

    2. Hardware issue's:: though i know my way sufficiently well around pc hardware, i dont think that sourcing parts would be all that easy.

    3. Sorftware issue's:: well software issue's are no problem for me. i can easily google stuff and update or change as and when required. so no problems here.

    So do u still think it makes sense to go for the extended warranty??

  • If you have had 3 motherboard replacements in less than a year I would suggest getting an extended warranty. While changing a mobo isn't that difficult, the parts aren't cheap. A replacement mobo will run you $250 - $400 depending on your unit. Having the warranty will save you money if you have to replace it again and might help reduce your downtime as it is not always easy finding Alienware parts that are in good condition at a reasonable price.

    When you buy an extended warranty think about how long you will use the system and get that long of an extension. I usually use computers for 3 years so a 2 year extension would work for me.

  • I bought a nearly top of line XPS system in 2008. I extended the warranty each year because of continuing issues. Started encountering problems within the first 90 days. Dell Support replaced the hard drive 2x, the graphic card 3x, the motherboard 2x, memory, 2x during the life of the system. Each year I renewed the warranty because I didn't trust the system. In April 2011 I had another hard drive failure. Dell attempted to fix. I explained to the tech that was replacing the hardware the sytem's dismal history. He was on the phone with Dell Support and explained that I was never going to purchase another Dell system, etc. The tech told me that manager wanted to talk to me.

    The manager said he was very sorry for my experience over the past nearly three years. He said that Dell was going to replace my XPS with an Area 51. Three days later I had a new box. I couldn't be happier. I've had no problems with Area 51.

    I stongly recommend getting the extend warranty.