M14x Overheats and Slows down

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M14x Overheats and Slows down

  • Hey guys, I've had this for the better part of 6-7 months now, and I LOVE this m14x, it's a phenomenal machine. Like all high end components though, it can be a bit fickle about functioning at top quality forever (kinda like a Ferrari). My problem is this: Games that used to run at top FPS with Ultra/Max settings, now all stutter at the top. Star Wars the Old Republic is probably the best example. I played a beta weekend a month ago, and had max settings and ran completely smoothly. However, on this current beta weekend. Max settings keep me VERY choppy (in the 10-13fps range) I downloaded a CPU/GPU monitoring tool, and while playing (sorry, *trying* to play) Skyrim, I was getting CPU temps in the 85-90c range, and GPU temps in the 93-97c range, and on LOW settings it was being incredibly sluggish after 5 minutes of play (goes from 200+ FPS with Vsync disabled to 3-5fps) My guess is that I need to reapply the thermal paste on either the CPU or GPU. If you have any other steps or know a way I can get a certified support person to do it, it would be great. I've got the Advanced warranty still until May. Thanks, -M
  • Have you tried blowing out the dust and made sure all the fans are still working.

    It works best to use a real air-compressor and blow out from the inside out.

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  • You could also try increasing your fan speeds. www.alienwarearena.com/.../-guide-unofficial-aw-fan-control-

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  • Thanks for the tips! I've definitely tried the compressed air, from external but angled downward and out of the computer/fan. I'll take a look at the can control. Hopefully (especially considering that noise isn't an issue with me at all) I can crank them up and get better temperatures and performance that meets expectations.

  • Fan speeds upped by 500rpm per thermal step. Hopefully that helps. Anyone had experience with what is a good, high speed configuration? Has anyone had experience re-doing the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU? I've got a tube of Arctic Silver 5 at home, so I figure why not?

  • I would replace the thermal paste on the cpu & gpu and max the fans. Here is a video on how to completely disassemble the m14x and reapply the thermal paste on the cpu & gpu if you are thinking about doing it yourself.