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Alienware Command Center With Alienware Tactx keyboard on a NON Dell System

  • Hello i have a brand new DELL Alienware Tactx keyboard on a NON Dell System


    i can not get any of the Alienware Command Center software to work on my system i have a EVGA Motherboard


    the keyboard lights are on but i can not install the software at all :(


    i buy this keyboard on dells website saying it can be used on any system this is not the case


    i need the right driver software for NON dell systems to get it to work


    i have windows ultimate 64 bit any help would be great thank you

  • Hello same problem here This giving me a hard time. Alienware command center not running after install on my non dell system.

    I'm running a Windows 7 ultimate 64bit . KIndly please provide support instructions ...Thanks

  • hey i had the same problem.

    i was searching with 2 other friends for like 4 hours till we find something.

    this is the driver for the laptop mx series. fortunately it works for my custom system.

    maybe it works for you too.

    I'm trying to help all people which had problems with this keyboard.

    so it would be awesome if you help me to post this in every forum you know where they have the same problem