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Alienware M18X Overheat.

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Alienware M18X Overheat.

  • Hello, I just got my alienware. (17/10-11)

    The specs are:

    Processor : Intel Core i7 Processor 2860QM (2.50 Ghz, 8MB, 4C) 1 SR
    Display : 18.4in Widescreen Full High Definition (1920X1080) WLED LCD 1 SR
    Camera : Integrated 3.0 Mega Pixel HD Camera 1 SR
    Ship Accessory : Norwegian Docs 1 SR
    Resource DVD : Alienware M18x 1 SR
    Memory : 16GB (4X4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 Dual Channel 1 SR
    Hard Drive : 1TB (2x500GB) Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Raid 0 "Stripe" (7,200rpm) Dual HDD 1 SR
    Optical Drive : 8X DVD+/-RW Drive including software 1 SR
    Power Cord : Euro 250V 1 SR
    Power Supply : Alienware 330W AC Adapter 1 SR
    Battery : Primary 12-cell 97W/HR LI-ION 1 SR
    Carry Case : Not Included 1 SR
    Graphics : Dual 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6990M CrossFireX 1 SR
    Sound Card : Integrated High-Definition 5.1 Performance Audio Powered by Klipsch
    And this weekend i was playing Battle Field Bad Company 2! And when i started the game everything was going smoth no lag. But about 15 sec in game it started laging.
    So i restarted the game and tryd once more the samething was happening. And i started wondering what this could be. But i was still trying to get it working with out any luck.
    So i desided to restart the laptop and started the battlefield. But the same thing happend and then suddenly the screen turned black for about two secounds and the computer
     turned  completely off  so i had to turn it on physically (it was no restart)....Then i started thinking the worst and that was overheating. And i downloaded GPU-Z and Core temp and started  the game.
    This is the Temps i got. 
    idle temp for cpu: 56 celsius
        idle temp for gpu: nr 1: is 50 celsius and Nr2: is also 50 celsius
        Under load:
         Load temp for cpu is: 72
         Load temp for gpu: Nr 1: is 62 celsius and Nr 2: is 108 celcius 
         And i would personally say this is overheating.
         What do you guys think?:)
  • looks like a problem with number 2 ....  either fan restricted or not functioning or cooling not properly attached ...  or blocked  but since both idel temps are normal it sounds more like a fan issue   even idle temp for cpu  seem average  lod is normal for cpu ..  i believe cpu thrttle temp is about 100C  and usually notebook video cards are 100-105C so cll dell and tell them number crd is overheating ....

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  • Yeah I recommend opening it up and watching how that fan reacts when your playing your game. Might take some funky manuevering but that should tell you if something's wrong with fan. If under warranty that can be replaced, if not i'm sure you can get one ebayed for like $20 or less. Dell may even sell you one!

  • I recently got a M18x with i7 and Radeon dual GPU and it has shut down on my playing BF3, it has also slowed down during gameplay and then shutdown.

    I read in some other posts that there is  BIOS update that might help.  I just downloaded CPUID to monitor my temps while playing to see if it indeed is overheating.