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M14x Screenshot

  • Hey , can someone teach me to use M14x ? I want to take a screenshot , I'm new to it . REPLY ASAP , thanks .

  • Upper right of keyboard is a button labeled PRT SCRN.  Push that then go into the program you want to use the screenshot and hit CTRL+V to paste the image.  If you just want a shot of the current focused window hit ALT while hitting PRT SCRN.

  • Didn't work ??

  • With the image on your primary monitor (if you have more than one monitor) bring up the image you want to print. Then hit "print sceen."

    Go to Accessories in the Windows menue and select Paint. In the upper left corner there is an icon labled Paste. Simply click on Paste and the inage will be installed and ready to print.

  • Thanks !