I started having cd/dvd problem two weeks after getting back from a 10-month long deployment in Afghanistan. CD/DVD writer does not recognized multiple blank media (CD-Rs and DVD-Rs) when attempting to burn data. CD/DVD writer stops and spits out the blank disc. Also, it only plays select DVD movies and CDs. I called tech support (Eugene and Anna from Costa Rica) but both were trying to sell me an extended warranty before they could help me with the problem. I had explained that I was gone on a combat deployment and my warranty ran out couple days after redeploying back to the states. Eugene stated that I should have called my relative to get my laptop fixed while Anna told me that I should have extended my warranty during my combat deployment. Both times I was blame for neglecting to take care of my warranty while I was deployed.

Is this how Alienware and Dell treat their Military customers?

Bottom line:My laptop CD/DVD drive is still not working properly and seems like I need to purchase an extended warranty even after my basic warranty just ran out two weeks ago. I ran system restore already and attempted to update the CD/DVD driver but could not find the right drivers online. Please Help!

My System:


Windows 7 Home Premium-64 bit

Intel Core i3 CPU 2.27 GHZ

Memory: 3GB

DVD drive: PLDS DVD+-RW DC-8A2SH ( no drivers/firmware available on Dell website)