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M17x R3, slow access to 2nd hard drive

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M17x R3, slow access to 2nd hard drive

  • I have had my m17x for about a month now and love it. I bought it with the 250gig ssd main drive and no 2nd hard drive. I then installed a 750gig 7200rpm 2nd drive and it works fine. But, it seems that accessing the 2nd drive is slow sometimes. Actual transfer speeds are not bad but for example, when I am opening pictures from it, there is a delay of a second or 2 that I have not experienced before. I know that the ssd will be faster in this regards but I am comparing the delay to other, non-ssd computers that I have. Also, it is currently set to raid in the bios, but I am not using the drives in raid. I called Alienware support and they told me to simply disable raid in the bios. So I changed it from raid to AHCI and it BSOD at boot. So, I changed it back to raid and it is working again but I still would like to find the cause of the slow 2nd drive access.

    Thanks for any info.

    PS: I also get the "waiting for program to close" windows when shutting down. It usually only stays up a second or 2 and then shuts down. I am guessing this is because the system is closing down processes pretty fast and is waiting for apps to catch up?

  • Maybe power saving is your problem. Windows is able to shut down HDDs seperatly. Happened to me all the time, when using my desktop PC (OS and programs on SSD media on HDD). Look for something like harddrive in advanced power management (don't know how it's really called, I'm german) in order to disable or adjust this.

    By the way, the right choice would've been IDE. BSOD under AHCI appears because you need to install a driver first. You should do this right now because your disks will benefit from AHCI. Ask our all knowing god Google for a how to.

    For "waiting for program to close": I have the same issue. It seems that the Alienware software (Respawn, OSD and Command Center) is the problem even if Windows doesn't say so, but I can live with those 2-3 seconds Wink

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  • thanks for the info. I will check it out.