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Average production time alienware m17x R3

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Average production time alienware m17x R3

  • Yo, so here s the deal, I ordered mine the 6th of this month online. I was kinda mad (not mad, disappointed or somewhere in between the two xD) cause it said on the website before you build the pc that it would be delivered the 16th but after I bought it it said an estimated delivery day of september 21st... with a 7 day shipping. No big deal I can wait till the 21st, though I have had no computers for nearly 2 months now so the wait is just killing me!

    But ever since I made the order, the online tracking status got stuck on "in production." As of now, it still is! its been that way since the day I ordered it so 11 days now xD! And now i'm concerned cause with the 7 day shipping option that I picked it means I am not getting my laptop the 21st at all, though I get no calls from dell to let me know...  no new eta. I guess the worst now is I know I won't get it until the 27th!!! even if the shipping starts on Monday cause then it will take 7 business days.

    Did anybody here had a similar experience ordering a dell/ alienware recently? How long does the "in production" last? But most importantly if anybody has been in the same situation did you get the laptop on time? or how many days late?

    Thanks for reading :D I know its desperate! but like I said, its been way too long since I used my own computer! 

  • estimated time changed from original prolly cause you changed config form the *stock * one ... average time is 2-3 weeks and delivery usually in north america is only couple days .. anyway i had mine say *in Production* well one of them  and it stayed there till 3 weeks AFTER i recived it ....  i kinda was :/

  • yeah I hear most people receive theres and it still producing xD... So thanks man, but then I got another question.

    When will they bill you? When you receive it? Or when it starts shipping?

  • depends  if  prefered account ..(lin of credit) or fully paying outright

  • I don't know which I am. (So most likely not preferred account lol) If you know for one of them (or both) then let me know, if not thanks for the answers!

    Has anyone else has a similar experience :D ?

  • Well its confirmed, I called them this morning because it is still in production (even now). The lady on the phone told me it was in the final stages of boxing/possibly boxed and ready to go and should still arrive on time the 21st... Even though I told her about the 7 day shipping plan I picked.

    She actually told me it would get there on time the 21st... Though as of now it STILL is "in production" and the 21st is right around the corner xD... I'll try calling in the morning, you guys think they would upgrade me to a next business day delivery if I did?

  • If you get an updated information, please let us know. I am in the same situation, except my estimated delivery date is the 23rd. Hope you get yours today.

  • Forgot about that thread (I was in other forums as well) sorry. The minute I called them things started to move. Though it remained in production till 11:50pm the 19th when it went to shipping, they had the decency to make it next day delivery (although it still said 7day shipping on the tracking number I am convinced it must have been flagged to get there ASAP)...

    Got it yesterday the 20th, good condition. :) good luck with yours buddy :)