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nvidia drivers mx14

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nvidia drivers mx14

  • Got mx14 today but cannot update drivers for nvidia card whenever i click the installer i just says " no nvidia products installed on this computer" - even though it is...

    Any suggestions?

  • Do not update drive! It's up to date! When I did this I got a blue screen and had to re install windows and all the drivers do not update any driver!

  • the particular model of the video card is not officially supported by nVidia.  The id in the BIOS does not match any of the ID's in the setup program, that's why nothing was found.

    Experience varies with forcing the drivers to install.  The above poster had a very bad experience.  I have a m17x and am in the same boat.  Another post on a m17x thread forced the official nVidia driver to install and everything seems to work.

    Bottom line is if you want to experiment, go ahead, at your own risk.  Be sure to image your system in order to do a full restore if something goes wrong.  OR wait for Dell to qualify the driver and release it on their site.

    In my experience with Dell laptops, they've done this with all of the nVidia cards.  Eventually nVidia got the go-ahead, or something, to include the Dell-specific id's in their package, I guess when support ran out or something.

    It would be nice to end this hassle.  We use Alienware laptop for commercial software development.  We require a "gaming grade" deskop replacement for those that travel.  The m17x fits the bill in all aspects.  The latest driver that was released fixed our issues and it's good enough for now.  It would be ideal to work with the latest drivers, so we're lock-step with our customers.

  • I have the M14X as well.  I do not recommend you update any of the drivers yet, unless you see them in the Dell Website.  The latest driver I found for the M14X video card did not work.  

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  • Well, when are the drivers going to be updated by dell???? I just got my M14X, 3GB GeForce 555M, 8gb ram, only to find Autodesk products, (especially Mudbox x64 2011), eating up every bit of ram I had available. Actually Mudbox wouldn't even start, it just consumed 7.5Gb of ram and then my computer froze, yielding only to a hard restart. This is even with the nVidia control panel telling my system to use the GPU for the Mudbox application.

    Why does dell limit it's customers like this? Is my Alienware version GeForce actually different hardware?  Anyways.... I read that these memory leaks are fixed in the newer Verde drivers from nVidia, but guess what, we can't install them because dell is a control freak. This is really chapping my ass here, i just dropped $1500 on a paperweight.

  • I have the same confg you have Rob.  The only problem I had was running Crysis 2 on my machine.  I posted the problem on this site and it was a simple solution.  I just had to right click on the game's shortcut and assigned the proper graphics driver as deafaul.  Perhaps you can do the same for your Autodesk products.  I know it's a stretch since you already set the configurations to read that but it would not hurt to try it.  

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  • nvidea driver issues (see notebookreview forum):

    First, lets download all the necessary components.•Download and install 7-Zip from here: 7-Zip 64-Bit

    •Then download the 275.50 Driver from LaptopVideo2go: Nvidia 275.50 Driver for Windows 7 64-Bit. Click the red "Download Driver" link. The filename is 27550_win7x64.exe.

    •Last is the matching modified INF file: nvwi.inf

    Once you've downloaded everything and installed 7-Zip, find the driver you just downloaded, 27550_win7x64.exe. Right click on that file, choose "7-Zip", then click on "Extract to "27550_win7x64/" This will create a new folder called "27550_win7x64" within your current directory. It contains all the files within the driver.

    Open this new folder, which should then contain a folder titled "275.50_win7x64" Open this folder. You should have a list of 10 folders and 4 files on screen, the first one should be "Display.Driver" The last file should be Setup.

    In a new window, browse to the "nwfi.inf" file we downloaded earlier. Drag the nwfi.inf file into the "Display.Driver" folder. Windows will tell you a file in that directory already exists. Click "Move and Replace."

  • There is another post created by Chris from Dell on this.  You may want to follow it as well


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  • hey have you found a solution for this??... i still cant open mudbox and ive been trying for 2 years!... i have the same computer you have XD