Alienware Aurora boots up but no display (monitor receives no signal)

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Alienware Aurora boots up but no display (monitor receives no signal)


    Hello, I'm new to the community!


    This happened tonight after I ran a windows update (something for ATI display driver update which failed for some unknown reason, and IE9 update)  After reboot there was no signal for the monitor, no display, just black screen.  However, I'm sure Windows 7 was successfully started up.  I could hear the Windows starting up tone and HDD spinning.  I could see it in my Network.  I tried to contact techical supporters but it's almost 3AM now (not their working hours) so I just start asking this in forum, hopefully someone can help me with this.

    I don't leave this computer on all the time like other PCs I have.  I only turn it on after I get back from work and play SC2 and some other games.  The booting up process always bother me.  It takes quite long time for my monitor to get signal from the PC.  Now the monitor just doesn't get video signal at all.



  • Hi Robert, this sounds like a common issue with Windows update. My Advice is never allow windows update to fetch your ATI drivers in the future. always download the Latest from ATI's website to advoid this issue. Ive experienced this myself countless times in the past. But there are a number of steps you can perform to fix this issue.

    1: Shut down the computer, Remove the VGA/DVI/HDMI cable and boot the computer without the cable. Wait until windows loads up, Once loaded although your at a blank screen, Press Windows key on your keyboard. Then use the Up arrow once, then press enter, Then enter again. this will succesfuly shut down your machine.

    2: Once shut down insert your cable once again, also you could try switching it to different ports if you have 2 cards. always a better option. Next turn your pc on and it should come straight back on.

    3: you could also try Safe mode, and manualy remove the windows update to your ATI cards. I know its Difficult to do it on a blank screen but i'll run you through the initial, When your alienware reboots or is started up and your CPU pump sounds like a turbine youll notice that given 5-6 seconds the fans speed with Decline when it begins loading windows. Just before the fan speed declines Hit F8 to bring up "Advanced boot options" Youll instantly know if you got it in-time seeing as your hard drive wont make any sounds. ie (it wont load windows) From here your computer will automaticly have "Start windows normaly" Selected. all you need to do is press Up 10 times, and then press Enter. It will begin loading safe mode, and you will get your screen back.

    Once loaded into safe mode go into control panel. > Programs and features > View installed updates. Next Remove the ATI driver windows has downloaded. After its removed go into Programs and Features once again. and remove ATI Display drivers from your machine. Once its removed completely, Reboot your machine. it should now load without any problems.

    Once Windows Succesfuly boots up. Download the latest Display driver from ATI. and when windows update reminds you in the near future about further updates "Hide" the update and download everything straight from ATI's website.

    4: If all else fails, shut down your machine, Take the power cable out the back, Hold the power button for 20 seconds to Dissapate any remaining Current. Afterwards open the side of your case, Next get a posi driver and remove the screw thats fastening down your graphics card. Then remove the card. (If you have 2 cards do the same for both) Once Card or both cards have been removed, Put the side of the case back on. Next plug the power cable back in, Then switch it on. and Wait until its fully loaded into windows (you can tell its loading windows by your HDD indicator blinking Rapidly) once its loaded in, Repeat this step:  "Once loaded although your at a blank screen, Press Windows key on your keyboard. Then use the Up arrow once, then press enter, Then enter again. this will succesfuly shut down your machine."

    When its shut down, take the power cable out the back once again, Hold the power button down for another 20 seconds

    next undo the side of your case again, and re-insert your card/cards. Fasten them back down.

    (make sure both cards are seated correctly)

    Once done, put the side of the case back on. plug the power cable back in and power your machine on. This is yet another fix for this issue. it should load completely without any trouble at all.

    If you have any more trouble dont Hesitate to ask.

  • Boot to Windows Safe Mode. Uninstall everything ATI related (also check in Programs and Features). You should now be able to boot Windows normally. A default video driver will load. Only install drivers from Dell or . Remember that only one video port is #1 for first monitor.

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