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Hinges on M11x R3: Problem solved?

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Hinges on M11x R3: Problem solved?

  • Hi as most of you probably know the hinges on the M11x R1 and R2 were horribly designed/liked to break alot. Mine has broken after 8 months. I know that Dell's warranty covers hinges but has the problem actually been solved yet on the R3?

    Also if it has been solved on the R3 when I get my R2 M11x fixed, will it be fixed using old-type hinges or new type ones? 

    As I only have just over 100 days of warranty left, should I extend the warranty or attempt to re-enforce the hinges once Dell/Alienware fixes them?

    I would appreciate any input or information on the status of the hinges on the R3.

  • Hello,

         I just received my Alienware M11x R3.  The Hinges seem fine but then again, I have nothing else to compare them to.  To be honest, I am not going to say anything with much authority because like yourself, I dont know too much about the situtation.

         However, I can tell you a few things that I was told about the Hinge Situation with the M11x, which might be of some relief to you I hope....but I urge you to call the Alienware Tech Support to verify for sure.

         From what I was told by Tech Support, Mid March was supposed to be the time when the new hinges would begin being used in Production.  I was given this Mid March Date by several Technicians.  Now....  Let see....  I would say that if you ordered your Alienware M11x R2 sometime in April, then according to everything I know, you should have received the better hinges, because April is well past March.  Now obviously, all M11x R3 systems are supposed to get the better hinges by design and by default.  So if you own an M11x R3 like I do, then you have the better hinge implementation. 

          Now as I stated, I am sorry I cant speak with much authority on this because I never owned an M11x R1 or M11x R2 with the Bad HInge, in order to compare to my brand new M11x R3.  I am sure you can understand that.  If I had already bought an R1 with a Bad Hinge, and then turned around later and bought an R3, I would be in a much better position to help you.

         However, I would like to say one thing.  If you dont have many days left from your Warranty and you think you have Bad Hinges on your M11x R2....By all means, send it back and let them work on it.   Most likely, they will implement the new Hinges that are being now used on the M11x R3.  I think I read somewhere or heard from someone that when an older M11x is sent back to get the hinges fixed, it will get the R3 style hinges (meaning better Hinges) put on the R2.  But even if they dont put R3 hinges on the fixed R2 (which I highly doubt and I would tend to think they would fix your system with the better hinges that the R3 systems now have)...I would say that if you are experiencing any sort of problem with your Hinges, send it back to them and let them deal with it.  Dont bother worrying about what type of hinge they will put on your system.  LIke i said, I would say there is a 98% chance that they will simply use the better stuff that is now in production.  Anything else short of the best R3 style hinges to replace the older Hinge problems would not make any sense to me whatsoever.  However, even if they just repair your existing Hinges, they should do a MUCH better job than they way you received it...so again...I would say, send it back if your hinges are cracking or showing signs of wear and tear.  Anything they do to fix your problem will be much better than the position you are in currently.  In other words, you have absolutely nothing to lose by making use of your remaining Warranty.  If my hinges were having problems and I was in your shoes, I would put a 100% chance that I would gladly send it back to them and let them deal with it.  And keep in mind, Dell would rather fix your problem once and be done with it.  It is not in their best interest to give you something cheap and then have you call them again and bug them about broken hinges.  This is another reason why I would think that they will put whatever the best mechanical parts they have into your Hinges to help fix your problem.

           Anyways, that was just my two cents worth.  I hope you appreciate some of my advice.  I am sorry that other community members here in the Forums have not been more supportive of your Post.  I just ran into it and decided to help you.  Actually I am relatively new to these Forums (compared to the old timers who have been here for years)...and I have noticed that a lot of times, when I post something, it goes un-replied to for many weeks.  I hate it.  Thats why I decided to reply to you and give you some words of assurance.

    Best Regards,



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    Thats one of the main reasons I have decided to join the community.  To see if I can impact things in a small and positive way.

    Thanks to all of you !