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  • I don't seem to find the sleep button on the M11x, Is this some more of Dell's brilliance?  If there isn't one, any ideas how I can manually make it go to sleep with out closing the lid?


    Thanks for your help


  • What happens if you press the power button?  You should be able to configure the power button to put your laptop to sleep in the Power Options in the control panel.

  • On most laptops, you use a special Function (Shift like) key combo.

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  • unfortunately the m11x keyboard is different...  On the m17x suspend is FN-F1, on the m11x that's internal/external display...  It doesn't look like there is a dedicated sleep/suspend button.


  • Got it! Configured the power button to sleep and wake when pressed.  Holding the power button will still turn the computer off.