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AW m11x Bluetooth issues

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AW m11x Bluetooth issues

  • I received my Alienware laptop in August and because I do a lot of travelling ordered a bluetooth mouse to go with it. I used the mouse a lot, and had no issues installing or pairing it with my machine. The only quirk was that during a typical working session I would have to turn it on or off a few times. I attributed this to it's sleep function.

    About two weeks ago it seemed to be more frequent and I was forced to open up the bluetooth device manager for it to be discoverable.

    This past Sunday it gave out and in typical fashion I turned it on and off and tried all of the tricks to get it to work. Nothing happened. i ended up looking through FAQs playing with settings etc to no avail. I thought the mouse was brokedue to heavy use and getting tossed around in my bookbag. So i ordered a new mouse. The new mouse doesn't work either.

    I've uninstalled drivers and reinstalled drivers, and done everything else I can think of. So I'm here as a last resort. If anyone knows how to help I would appreciate it. At this point the only thing I can think of is that's it's a hardware issue.


  • Update:

    I posted on Windows forums and received a response. Please see the following link for a summary:

    In addition to the OP I want to mention the following:

    My mouse is dicoverable by my phone. My computer's bluetooth is also discoverable by my phone. But, like the mouse, my phone cannot connect to my computer.

    I've run through every type of possible setup and troubleshooting. If anyone has any suggestions for what to do I would really appreciate it!

    I really think it's a hardware issue at this point. But before I spend a half-day dealing with Dell support and who knows how long getting the problem resolved it would be great if someone could verify this for me.


  • Is the phone set to be Discoverable? Just because the PC BT is discoverable by the phone, doesn't necessarily mean it works in the other direction .... That's a setting on the phone.

    Generally, it's the end devices that must be discoverable (not the PC).
    - You make the mouse, phone, etc. discoverable
    - At the PC, you can now "pair" the devices.
    - Depending on the end device capabiliies and BT profiles, you can do various things now.

    I just re-read your post. I understand it's the mouse that you want to work, but if you can get the phone to pair ... that would be a good test.

    So you don't have another computer with BT to test the mouse? However ... the phone sees the mouse huh? ... interesting.

    In "Devices and Printers" ... does the BT Adapter show as available and working?

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  • Thanksa lot Tesla  for taking a look at the post!

    Sorry I probably wasn't very clear. Yes, I want the mouse to pair with the PC. So I set the mouse to discover mode and when I try to find it on my PC it doesn't see it. Now if I turn on my phone's bluetooth it sees the mouse. What's wierd, and kind of frustrating, is when go into my PC's BT settings and check the box "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer" and turn on my phone's bluetooth it sees the PC's BT. But when I try to pair the phone to the PC the PC doesn't find it -- so no connection is made there either.

    I bought a second BT mouse thinking it was an issue with the original mouse but I can't pair that one either. Unfortunately I don't have another PC to check this with, but considering I'm 0 for 3 on pairing BT devices to my PC, I think it's an issue with the PC.

    In Device Manager under Bluetooth Radios I have "Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module" and "Micorsoft Bluetooth Enumerator". Both devices are working properly.


  • It's probably the Bluetooth module flaking out on you. This happens with the Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth mini-card in my M17x R2, and it used to happen with the XPS M1730 the Alienware replaced. I found much better results using a different driver that the one Dell provides. I believe this driver should work on the 365 card also, but you'll need to test it to verify that it does.

    This driver has worked much better for me: LINK

    I have a Dell Bluetooth travel mouse, and I do a lot of business travel also. Sometime the mouse shows as being connect, but simply doesn't not work. I have to manually delete it, then discover and pair it again when that happens. The driver linked above also seems to have significantly reduced the frequency of having to do that.

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  • Sorry it took me so long to reply to the last post. I was wasting far too much time getting my Bluetooth to work and bought a wireless USB mouse. I have to say the Bluetooth mouse is much more responsive and it would be great if my Bluetooth would work again.

    So I did another uninstall of my Bluetooth and tried the Gateway Bluetooth drivers recommended by BJFOX. The new drivers did not work. I'm still unable to discover the bluetooth mouse.

     So I have a couple more questions now: In uninstalling is there anything special I need to do? Is there anyway to scrub my computer of all bluetooth files, drivers etc? Should I randomnly start trying different drivers in hopes one will work?

    Anyone else have any more advice - it would be appreciated!