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Alienwear M15x Won't Power On

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Alienwear M15x Won't Power On

  • TroubleShooting:

    MotherBoard Replaced x3

    CPU Replaced x1

    Base on the laptop replaced x1

    Currenty Its at a Service Center.





    Ok so heres my story. I recently bough a Dell Alienwear M15x, I'd had it for about 3 week then one day, it wouldn't turn on, At all no lights no nothing, so I googled it, "Alianwear m15x won't power on" Results came back saying basically that I should take the Battery out and hold the power button for 10 seconds or so and relice a static charge that had built up, after doing this I replaced the battery and it still wouldn't turn on. To my Annoyance I called Dell warrent, After a long and dragged out conversation with a hard to understand Dell worker, Finallly after 2 hours he decided to send out a service tech to my house with a new motherboard.

    2 days later I got a knock at the door, the Tech did about an hours work on the laptop replacing the motherboard and putting the wole thing back together, After he was finished, he tryed to turn it on, Still didnt work. He called dell explained the situationand scedualed another service. Another week went by I got a call from the same tech, said that he was goign to come over in the afternoon, 3:00pm Knock at the door, same thing he sat down replaced the mother board (Again) and also replaced the base of the laptop an hour went bye, he put it all back together, tryed powering it on, Still didn't work. he said dell would contact me about what to do next.

    3 days later, I.. called Dell again and explained what had happened, and he sceduled that the laptop was to be taken to a "Service center" to be repaired.

     2 days later, I recived a call from the "service center guy" saying he would send a transport to come and collect the laptop. 3 day later, the man knocked on my door and collected my laptop.

    2 day later I recived a call from teh "service center guy" and he told me they are waiting for parts.

    2 WEEKS LATER!! I recived a call from the "Serivce center guy" telling me that the parts that they ordered still hadn't fixed the problem and the laptop still won't power on, So they are waiting for more part.

    IS THIS NORMAL, It's Been almost 4weeks now and I still don't have a working laptop has anyone else had a situation like this, any idea on how long this will take to fix, Any info I could get on this would be great.

  • Mine went 5 months like that and finally they agreed to send me a replacement computer. Order went in 2 weeks ago. Current status is still in pre-assembly phase however estimated delivery date isn't until March 25.

  • How was the warrent on that was it still covered after the 5 months?

  • Id return it if you can. If you bought it new this is unfair. Now you have a computer full of refurbished used parts. I wish I returned mine when I had the chance but I had blind faith that Dell would fix my issue.

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    How was the warrent on that was it still covered after the 5 months?

    Even if I only had the standard 1 year warranty it would still have been covered. As it happens, I purchased 3 years premium warranty. They informed me that my warranty will start over again when the new machine arrives simply because I could never use the original one.

    If I was in your position I would demand a replacement machine.

  • Yes, this happened to me 3 times now.

    Dell customer service wants to fix it again (under warranty). It's a defective unit and I just refused for it to be fixed again. I told them that I wanted a replacement unit. They were not helpful and treated me like I didn't know what I was talking about....very condescending.

    1. My laptop has had the same issue 3 times. They acted like this was something new

    2. I had 2 different people tell me after 3 issues they send a replacement unit.

    3. NO, I don't want to fix it again. It's defective and I want a NEW UNIT.


    Yes, this is normal with Dell. I just had to send back another dell for a faulty video card that they refused to fix a year ago. Luckily the NVidia antitrust suit took care of that one for me. I have had just pure junk from Dell the last few years along with terrible customer service.


    I refuse to ever buy another Dell. After 13 years of ONLY buying dell and only recommending Dell this will be the last dollar they ever see from me.