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AlienFX lighting: The blue color does not work for zone 2 (Keyboard)

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AlienFX lighting: The blue color does not work for zone 2 (Keyboard)

  • Hi, I have been trying to use the blue color for all zones in the AlienFX editor. It does work for all zones except zone 2 (keyboard). I have updated to the latest version of AlienFX editor without success.

    For zone 2, the white color is yellow, blue does not work and any color composed of blue does not work.(red and green work, so I can get any color between red and green, i.e. yellow)

    Is there a software solution to this problem?





  • I forgot to write the I am using an alienware m11x r1

  • Hi,

    I´m having the same problem (same laptop). What I noticed is that when I press and hold CTRL, SHIFT or FN, it changes to the right color. Other thing, while testing other colors, from red to pink, the color don´t change, then the red becomes dim starting from purple to blue and, then, becomes dark (lighs off). I´m using the last of Command Center update ( A07)

    Can anyone help us?


    Best regards.

  • Same here... any idea ??

    Here the white dosent work.

    m11x r1 !

  • Alright I know how to fix this problem, but first let me thank all of you for asking this question.

    I have experienced the same problem and here is what's going on with your keyboard.


    The chord that supplies power to the lighting of the keyboard is loose and is directly under the left CTRL, Shift and Fn key.. that is why when you press CTRL, Shift or Fn, you are applying pressure to that chord and stabilizing the connection to display the correct color.


    Since I am out of warranty, I removed the keyboard, reseated the chords and stabilized it more by adding a small layer of tape over the chord where the left CTRL key hits it; this way even if you do not press down on the CTRL key, there will always be some pressure there to provide a proper connection.


    The screws on the m11x are EXTREMELY fragile and strip very easy! So be careful and use a good screw driver.

    The chord that supplies power to the keyboard does not pull out! The black strip that connects the chords to the motherboard lifts up.

    I used fabric tape, similar to the tape used inside the computer.

    I laid my m11x down on a cloth to protect the casing from moving while taking it apart.

    Most importantly, please read or watch tutorials on how to take a part your m11x. These laptops are costly and their replacement parts are even more costly, so be prepared.


    Best of luck guys!

  • Hi, Santomark

    Thanks a lot for the information! Now it´s working perfectly! I tought that was a software issue and I was wrong. Thanks again for the patience for explaining all of this.