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Alienware mx15 FX does not work?

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Alienware mx15 FX does not work?

  • Hello, I've had my computer since Feb.2010 and I had to do a system restart.  I downloaded all the drivers (online) not from the CD and my Command center FX part doesn't work.  It can't find my keyboard so it doesn't light up, and the buttons on the bar (music player buttons wireless, volume) I have to keep hitting everywhere ti find the button I'm looking for, normally the wireless when it turns off...

     It's really annoying because I've tried uninstalling the command center drive and reinstalling it and all that wonderful things.  I did download the drivers in order so I don't know what's wrong.  The weird part is that everything else in the command center works? I don't want to do another system restart because I'm not buying photoshop again or Windows office that I need for college courses.  

    Here are some images...

    My FX:

    And everything else working...


    Please help :( Thank you


  • Sorry, I can't help really help with your laptop problems, but I wanted to comment on the following ...


    I don't want to do another system restart because I'm not buying photoshop again or Windows office that I need for college courses.  

    This should never be an issue. You should have the original discs or the full installers backed up to optical disk or removable media. Also, you should have a hard copy (printed image or text) of any required serial numbers, installation keys, or CoA.

    You never know what might happen. The hard-drive could crash tomorrow, it could be stolen, it could be damaged in a natural disaster.

    For these same reasons, you should also have your data files backed up (docs, pics, etc).

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  • It looks like to me maybe your AlienFX board went bad. Did you ever get any errors when trying to install Alienware Command Center?

    In order to have the AlienFX board fixed, they need to replace the motherboard of your laptop, as it is built into it. Call Alienware Tech Support and they should send someone out to you.

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  • It was weird because I would get errors sometimes it would like choose when to give me errors.  I'll try that thank you!!