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Alienware desktop can't connect to internet

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Alienware desktop can't connect to internet

  • I recently purchased an Alienware Aurora desktop computer but it is unable to connect to the internet. I first tried to connect it wirelessly with the linksys Wireless-B usb network adapter but that didn't work. I have a host computer that has a modem which has internet connection so I tried to use that modem to get internet connection with the Alienware desktop but even being directly connected, it did not work. I am led to beleive that maybe this version may not be compatible with the Alienware computer. The modem works for an old Dell XP computer but not the Alienware computer with Windows 7 installed.

    What should be done to be able to get internet on the Alienware computer?

  • Remember that if you have a wireless adapter connected, and it is switched on in software, it usually disables any wired adapters.

    You say "modem". Well, I'm guessing you mean "gateway" (modem/ router / switch combo). If it's just a modem, you can only run one PC at a time.

    So, disconnect the USB WiFi if you want to use the onboard Ethernet. Connect the ethernet cable from the Aurora to the Gateway. Watch that the little lights on the ports come on. Reboot the computer. It should grab an available IP address from the Gateway's DHCP pool.

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  • I have tried. Maybe I just dont understand. I hooked up the Gateway ( on it it  is labeled Power, usb, enet, send, recv, sync, ready.) When I hooked it up to the Alienware the lights were on in the same fashion as they are now on this computer.  The lights show this: Power is on, usb is dim and barely on, enet is on but flashed a little, send is the same as usb, recv flashes constantly, sync is on, and ready is on. All those lights seem correct and I restarted the Alienware with this plugged in and running but nothing pops up when its on the desktop and when I attempt to connect to a network, it only shows one connection method and it is "Broadband Connection" and when I try to connect with that it asks for a user name and password. I use what I think is right but I am only lost at that point. It attempts connection but always fails.

  • It sounds like something your internet provider should be able to help you with.   I can tell you that my recently purchased (less than a week) Aurora system had no problems connecting to the internet via wireless usb adapter.  This leads me to believe its just a setup issue which again, your internet provider can help you with if you call them.  Hope that helps.

  • Have you properly installed the USB adaptor using appropriate drivers for Win 8 and 64 bit?

    Assuming you have you should see an icon in your task bar that looks like a increasing bar graph.  If it is there you will need to right click on it and select which network you want to connect to (wirelessly).

    You will need to ensure the modem/router has an appropriate security protocol in place and ensure that you have the exact same settings for connecting on the computer.

    Also I'm not quite sure how you have this setup.  There are two ways when you have a wireless router in such a configuration.  You can either share the internet via the wired computer (in which case you need to create and connect to the Network on this particular computer) or directly with the router.