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Hi, the last three weeks, my Alienware m17x has been beeping, this isn't the bios beep I know what that is, this is long after the system is booted up and I am logged in, and working/playing... it it is an annoying beep or maybe a fan noise, I am not sure, can't locate where the noise is coming from.  has anyone else had a problem like this?





We have an board just for Alienware systems you may want to try those forums for further assitance.  Since you are here, my suggestion will be to mute the sound system and see if the beeps continue, to verify if they are coming from the sound system or something else.  

Run diagnostics by tapping F12 while booting the system and choosing diagnostics.  While the diags are running do you still hear the beeps?

Try using headphones, do you hear the beeps from the head phones?

The trick here is to determine if  this is a defect of the hardware or a possible software issue.  If the beeps are not present while running diagnostics and while the sound system is muted then you are likely looking at some program causing the sound.  I would think back to when the beeping started, was any new programs installed on the system, was any new updates installed, what is diffrent from the system now then was back then.

If you hear the beeps from the notebook but not from  headphones then the notebook's speakers may need to be replaced. 

Otherewise if the beeps continue and you hear it both from external speakers / headset and the notebook's own speakers, during diagnostics  then the integrated sound may be defective. Unfortuantly the system board will have to be replaced to do this.



I know it has been a month since my first post, but I have tried the Diagnostics, which btw thanks, I didn't know that was there.  the beeps don't happen during it.  I don't think this is a sound card/speaker thing as I am not hearing it through the speakers, lately I hear it on the left side of the computer, I actually picked it up and put my ear to the base and I hear it out of the bottom left (right when upside down) venting, I think this is where the video card is as there is a fan there as well as the one in the center which I believe is for the cpu... (I really should look at the specs...) it is odd cause it isn't really a beep like you normally hear from a computer, it varies in speed frequency and doesn't seem to have any purpose.  for instance the other night I was on my desktop with my laptop next to me the only program running was outlook and the normal startup stuff like avg and the like. it hadn't made the noise all day, then suddenly it just starts up.  I call it a beep for lack of a better way to describe it, though as I said before it also almost sounds like fan bearings that are dry. I am not sure if this helps any but it is driving me nuts, I use this computer for many things even beyond gaming, I also use it to play music over a sound system, while the noise can't be heard through the sound system, it can be heard on the other side of the room during the quiet pauses between music.