i7-980 Not Recognized
Command Center Issues with fans, lights, or vents
How to install 120mm top fans in an Area-51
Blue Screen Errors, Shut downs, or Lockups 
Nvidia and Ati video card Thermal Thresholds. Test using only Dell drivers
Memory Specifications and Part Numbers
Fails to wake up
Tri-CrossfireX or Tri-SLI

No Post troubleshooting
* The PC is not turning on at all or if it does turn on (lights turn on and fans are spinning) but the PC does not show any image, please confirm if it will emit a series of beeps during start-up. The following repetitive beep codes help you troubleshoot problems with your computer
1 = Possible motherboard failure - BIOS ROM checksum failure
2 = No RAM detected. NOTE: If you installed or replaced the memory module, ensure that the memory module is seated properly
3 = Possible motherboard failure - chipset error
4 = RAM read/write failure
5 = Real Time Clock failure
6 = Video card failure
7 = CPU Failure
* If no beeping code is heard, you can try the following steps
- Disconnect all external peripherals except the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Peripherals also include external storage devices such as flash drives, USB devices, cards etc
- Drain the MB power about one minute (until MB lights turn off, which can take from 30 seconds up to one minute)
- Make sure that the monitor is receiving power and that it is plugged into the correct port on the video card. For SLI systems, the correct DVI port to be used would be the one on the primary (upper) video card, the one to the left looking from the back of the computer. This port can also be used for single card configurations
- Remove all the memory sticks and attempt to POST the system using one memory stick at a time on Slot 1. Reinsert all memory sticks, and make sure that their connection to the motherboard is optimal. If after doing this the problem reappears then you may have a defective memory slot on the motherboard
* Make sure the video cards have the proper power connections from the power supply, reseat the video cards and if more than one video card is present, please try them individually. You can use as reference the Service Manual Pages 29-32
* Barebone the computer by disconnecting/removing components like: WiFi cards, TV tuners, ODD’s, HDD’s, etc and trying to turn the computer on with one memory module and one Video Card only

Stand-by Issues
* It has been noted that some PCs not resuming from stand-by could be related to the usage of third party drivers in the system. However, the issue could be also related to a wrong power management configuration under Windows. To get the problem solved please load the following command under Command Prompt:
c:\powercfg energy
* If the issue continues, please proceed to with basic troubleshooting:
- Update the chipset driver
- Test with Dell video card drivers
* Uninstall/Reinstall the Command Center