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Aurora Motherboard

  • I am having some issues with my aurora motherboard.  It won't actually boot into the factory OC profile, and randomly shuts down.  I want to replace it, but instead of using another sub standard dell motherboard i wanted to replace it with the ASUS P6X58D-E.  Will a standard ATX motherboarde fit into the case?


  • I don't think so. Dell/Alienware both use proprietary motherboards that fit only in their cases. Can someone else confirm this?

  • I think Aurora uses standard micro ATX mobo with prioprietary BIOS. Dimension-wise a regular after-market micro ATX mobo should fit in the case without any problem, same compatibility should be expected for all the plugs as well. What I'm not 100% certain is how the alienware master i/o board which controls all the LED lights should interface with the new mobo, it may be possible that the presense of a non-alienware mobo would render all LED lights useless.

    Also of concern is once you install a 3rd-party mobo, your Alienware/Dell OEM version of win 7 could no longer be validated as a genuine copy.

  • interesting question.

    i too was wondering about the MIO card... can anyone clarify this?

    Furthermore, if using 3rd party mobo will render all the lights/fans uselss, is there anyway we can upgrade the PC in the future when Sandy Bridge comes out that might require new sets of bus/sockets?

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  • I think the only way to truely find out it for someone to actually try it. There will likely be issues with the Power Supply, MIO-Board, and MB. Don't you have to ask yourself "what is the objective" at that point?

    What about this? ...

    Use the machines as they were meant to be used and upgraded by Dell. Once you have a system built, and everything is the same vintage and works nicely together, just use it. Then, after 2-3 years:

    1. Move the whole machine (in your home or organization) to the next user. Take their old system to recycling center.

    2. Move to secondary purpose (HTPC, Server, NAS, etc.).

    3. Sell it. Put that money toward your next system or build.

    You can't always have the latest thing. It's better to skip at least one cycle. By then, Sandy Bridge will be a lot cheaper or the next new platform will be available. If you really must upgrade every year, you really should consider a DIY build.

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