Any help is appreciated. I recently purchased an Alienware m17x-R2. Anytime i have tried to use the microphone array to talk online I am told it sounds like there is a jet taking off in the background. The noise renders my voice inaudible and I end up using an external microphone. The application I use doesn't matter it is the same with sever different apps, and external microphones don't have the same problem. I have tried tweaking the settings to no avail. Anyone have, or resolve this issue? I'd like to be able to use the built in equipment to video conference. Thanks in advance.


Sysytem specs

Clarksfield, I5-520M, 2.4, M17X, 4GB, 1066MHZ, DDR3, 2X2G, Liquid Crystal Display, 17WXGA+, Samsung, M17X10,  Hard Drive, 500G, 7.2K, SGT-HOLL (x2), ATI Radeon 4870 (x2 xfire)