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Alienware 04VWF2 A01 motherboard

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Alienware 04VWF2 A01 motherboard

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This puter came with  2 sticks of DDR 3 Ram 2 gigs each and a 970 cpu,BIOS: Alienware A08 02/09/2010. It should have 3 sticks of Ram to make it run right yes ?

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    The best section to post this in, is the Alienware Owners Club HERE.



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  • It is a 975 cpu.

  • I do not understand really understand what your asking. The motherboard can run with a minimum of 3GB ram and maximum 24GB (1067/13333Mhz), 12GB (1600Mhz XMP) ram. So it should run fine with 4GB.

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  • Does 1067/13333Mhz = 24GBs of RAM and does 1600Mhz XMP = 12GBs of RAM?

  • He's saying the motherboard will support up to 24gb of 1333mhz or 12gb of 1600mhz Ram.

    So 8gb Sticks of upto 1333mhz or 4gb Sticks of 1600mhz.

    This is also dependant on your version of windows as some have limits of 16gb or less.

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  • Check your invoice to see if you received the proper set up.

    Depending on the version of W7 you have, this chart will tell you the max amount of memory you can install.


    Physical Memory Limits: Windows 7

    The following table specifies the limits on physical memory for Windows 7. You have X64.

    VersionLimit on X86Limit on X64
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    4 GB

    192 GB

    Windows 7 Enterprise

    4 GB

    192 GB

    Windows 7 Professional

    4 GB

    192 GB

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    4 GB

    16 GB

    Windows 7 Home Basic

    4 GB

    8 GB

    Windows 7 Starter

    2 GB


    The speed of the ram has nothing to do with the amount you can install, however with higher speed ram you need to enable the XMP in BIOS to run it at its speed.