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Problems with m11x R2 (overclocking)

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Problems with m11x R2 (overclocking)

  • Hello all,

    I'm having problems with my m11x R2 (i7). When I boot the bios and change the values for overclock, the highest speed that I can achieve is 1.5 even if I'm selecting 1.66 (with turbo boost enabled).

    This was pretty strange, so I downloaded the Turbo Boost utility from Intel and guess what? It said that my processor wasn't turbo boost enabled (!) even though we all know it is, maybe I'm missing some processor drivers. As this was one of the reasons that I bought this laptop I would appreciate your help regarding this issue.


  • Send me the service tag number in a private message.

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  • Go back into the Bios.
    Intel SpeedStep = Enabled
    CPU Turbo Mode = Enabled
    CPU Over-clock (Try all of the settings and report back to me which ones do not work)

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  • Strictly speaking none of them work...

    I tried with all the speeds and windows always showed 120.

    However, I also used wcpuid on the speeds showed below and the results


    134 - 120

    150 - 134

    166- 150

  • Checking...

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  • Here goes a more detalied table



    134 1209
    136 1227
    138 1245
    140 1263
    142 1281
    144 1299
    146 1317
    148 1335
    150 1353
    152 1371
    154 1389
    156 1407
    158 1425
    160 1443
    162 1461
    164 1479
    166 1497
  • Help me understand this. If wcpuid is showing those settings, doesn't that mean that the CPU is running at that chosen rate? Is Windows System Properties just not reporting things correctly?

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  • Hello Chris

    1) the CPU is running at a rate that is actually slower than the selected in the bios.

    2) Windows system properties is not reporting CPU speed correctly

    I'm also concerned with the fact that my processor doesn't have turbo boost, as the intel utility said.

    Thanks for your help


  • Still awaiting a response from engineering.

    These are all of the default M11x-R2 CPU speeds -
    Intel Core i7-640UM, 1.20GHz, 4MB L2 Cache
    Intel Core i5-520UM, 1.06GHz, 3MB L2 Cache
    Intel Core i3-330UM, 1.20GHz, 3MB L2 Cache
    Intel Pentium U5400, 1.20GHz, 3MB L2 Cache

    I know on the Alienware Desktops that Windows System Properties will not report an overclocked state. All those guys use CPU-Z. I do not see anything in our Alienware Laptop documentation about "Turbo Boost"? On the Alienware Desktops they have a thing called Turbomode.

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  • Hi Chris, I'm talking about this:


  • In this sentence on that page, click the 1 -
    All the Alienware M11x processors are also over-clockable 1 beyond the standard specification to help maximize performance.


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  • Good day Chris,

    Im having the same problem, i overclock at bios and i choose 1.66 and for some reason when i check it always stays at 1200mhz or lower.

    I dont know if you guys resolved the problem already. Hope you can help, Thank you!