M17x temps are getting high

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M17x temps are getting high

  • hey pals,

    after ~4 months of silently watching this forum im finally making my first post.

    Im a proud owner of the M17x  and beside some small issues im totally happy with the system, BUT the current heat wave is about to kill me and my notebook.

    While the room temps are about 30°C, my laptop (running on top of a cooling pad) is idling at these temps (note: crossfire on, knowing the fan speed is inaccurate):


    after stressig the cpu/gpu by gaming a random game for about 10 minutes the max values rose to:


    now im knowing this beast can take a lot of heat but 90°C (!) is quite a lot imo, also the wsad kays reach temps of ~45°C , which is kinda " preventing the machines´ purpose" as gaming rig -i cant play like that for more then an hour ...

    So any hint how to decrease the temps are welcome, i woulnt even mind if the fans get louder but so far i couldnt manage to find a solution with onbord tools-was even  hard enough finding a working temp monitor for this laptop.

    Thanks in advance





    update: run the full diagnostig test whole day - returned err code 3700:011B -GPU Fan Speed incorrect

    guess ill contact support hotline

    Alienware M17x R2 

     Intel i7 920XM(2,00GHz,8MB) 

     8192MB (2x4096) DDR3

    1TB (2x500GB) Raid 0

     Dual 1GB ATI HD 4870


  • 1. 86F room temp is HOT. Turn your AC on. Get it down to about 76F.

    2. Up the fan speed on your video cards to 100% using ATI Overdrive.

    Repost temps.

    Custom built ALX R6:

    CASE: Alienware P2 ALX Chassis 
    MB: ASUS Z97-WS
    CPU: 4790k @ Stock
    RAM: G.Skill DDR3 @ Stock 2400MHz
    GPU: 2x TITAN X @ Stock
    PSU: Seasonic SS-1200XP3 
    SSD: Intel 730 (480GB) 

  • how do I increase the fan speeds........this computer is turning out to be a nightmare........