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New Alienware after bios A08 update No boot No bios Blank screen

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New Alienware after bios A08 update No boot No bios Blank screen

  • HI

    I have just received my new Aurora (i920, radeon5970,6gigs DDR, 2to raid HD).

    Dell update tool asked me to update bios (which was A04) to A08.

    I clicked on the file downloaded, it opened, then I clicked on flash then the macig operated, the entire computer was blocked.

    I waited a little, then decided to reboot with the heart up to 200bpm, and yes ladies and gentlemens, I got a nice dark screen, plus a continuous power off, power on (no bips).

    How is that possible as I followed carefully the information provided, why is there no a backup bios...

    I tried switching ram, nothing, disconnected everything, nothing, to stop the loop power on power off, i keep pressing the little button on the back of the psu (near the green light), i hear all fans, even the hd running but still that silly blank screen...

    I tried to boot on an usb key (mini dos) with the bios file on it, but not sure that works as the file is an exe, where can i find the original bios file ? (A04 or A08?)

    I have to say i feel a bit deseperate to see such issues happening on high ends computer that cost a kidney or a lung, your call.

    If anyone may have a suggestion I would appreciate ! As of now I really think the bios or/and the motherboard is dead



  • This happened to me too. If the BIOS update fails your computer is bricked. Alienware's mobos do no support BIOS recovery as most modern motherboards do for some unknown reason. You need to call support and have them replace the mobo.  Do not try to upgrade the BIOS again, there is something wrong with their A08 upgrade and you will brick the computer again.


    Good luck



  • Hi Julian

    thanks for your answer !

    What is sad is that I thought twice before doing that update, but it stated "highly recommanded" so... my fault after all i should'nt have done that uptdate as the system was working  well.

    Do you know if they come at home to replace that mobo, I hope yes as it probably takes 30 to do it, quite easy to remove. I don't want to ship it back (I'm in europe) and have to wait for weeks for something so silly.

    I really thought their ami bios had the bios boot block protection.



    Happy owner of a brand new bricked alienware (2 days old)

  • I'm not sure how they operate in Europe but here in the US they send the part over to a contracted tech company and they come to your home. I'm guessing they have a similar procedure for EU as well.

  • yeah hope so :)

    i read your original post, what a nightmare !

    why do they provide messy bios, that is the question.

    when it happened to you did you tried this tip  (from tank)

    It is the first time i kill a new computer so fast but I have great hope with the warranty.