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Aurora power button

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Aurora power button

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I finally received my Aurora i7 920 and everything seems to be fine, apart from one thing:

I was playing around a bit yesterday, searching for the best utility to display CPU temperature. When it came to Everest, it displayed that it would not know the mainboard and would be not fully functional, which is actually true as Everest seems to cause BSODs whenever analysing the systems overclocking specs. (Just to be clear, this is just for reference what I did, my question is not about Everest and the BSODs caused by it.) The problem that came up with every BSOD is, that it was not possible to switch the PC off/restart the PC using the power button. No matter how long I pressed it, nothing happened. So I am wondering: is that normal behaviour that a frozen Aurora can not be switched off other than by pulling the plug, or did they maybe forget to connect a cable when building it?

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  • Does the button work if your just in Windows but not in a BSOD state?

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  • Check your BIOS.


    In an old PC of mine I could change the default action of the power button to log off or restart instead of just turn off. If yours is somehow set to log off then if you are at a BSOD situation nothing will happen.

  • Yes, it is set to shut the pc down in windows, and that works fine. I already found out yesterday, that the button sometimes does not react if pushed too short or maybe not completely, however I tested this extensively before going under the desk to pull the plug, so it is unlikely that it was just not pushing the button right.

    I could not find any setting in the bios related to the button, so that's probably not the reason.