Aurora ALX Internal Lights

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Aurora ALX Internal Lights

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I am having intermittant issues with the AlienFX (that seems to work off and on) and now the inside light used to see the internal components stays on all the time now. Is there a button I can push to turn these off? They must be controlled by a battery because when I unplug the machine they stay on. I dont want to burn out the battery. The answer will probably be to unistall alien fx, but that does not work.

Dell, please update the Alien fx driver for Windows 7.

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  • I don't have a AW .But from some videos I have seen,the " utility light" you are talking about has a switch on the back of the tower.Hope this helps.

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  • The internal lights are controlled totally external of Alien Fx and Command Center.  Updating or re-installing ACC will not impact the function of the internal lights (theater lighting). Do me a favor, remove and reseat the side cover and tell me if the inside light turns off.

  • No it does not help opening and closing the case. I have noticed that the outiside light on that side of the case stopped working too. Is that because of the FX software? I've been having issues latley with them turning off and on? What is your suggestion for Win 7 users that are having issues with their case lights...since there is no software that works for this yet?




  • On the inside of the side cover there is a black plastic housing that contains 6 small pins. If some of these pins are damaged this make the system believe the cover is not installed. 

    There is a small board in the chassis mounted to the side of the powersupply. This board mates with the small board that is contained within the plastic housing on the removable side cover. When the pins on the removable cover come in contact with the small board inside the chassis it signals the master I/O board that the cover is in place and turns off the internal lighting. If any of the pins on the removable cover side are damaged and not making contact with the small board in the chassis, the system will think the cover is not in place and therefore the lights will remain on. If this board inside the housing is damaged, it can be replaced or a new side cover will fix the problem as well. There are two part numbers but when the technician looks up your service tag number, they should be able to ascertain which one is for your PC.
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  • I see it. They were all bent and pushed down. Funny thing is I have only opened my case a few times. They seem a little too fragile. They need to fix this on the new ALX.  I bent them back and the internal lights went out. Thanks for your help Smile