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Alienware Area-51 m15x BIOS update, drivers, and lack of support

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Alienware Area-51 m15x BIOS update, drivers, and lack of support

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I have a Alienware Area-51 m15x laptop is purchased a while ago. I have Windows Vista x64 right now (with horrible only partially functioning drivers...) and I plan to upgrade to Windows 7 x64 in the near future. The problem is, the drivers I need are not available for the Area-51 m15x on Dells website, and the correct and updated drivers for Windows 7 x64 are only available on Alienware's My Hive. The only way I can access the drivers I need through My Hive is by making an account with the Agent # listed on the back of my laptop. The problem? The previous owner which I have no contact with already registered the laptop, so I cannot make an account, and thus cannot get the drivers I need. I also desperately need a BIOS update to fix the overheating issue for my laptop model which was released a while ago, and again is only available through My Hive.

So now on to the next issue. I have emailed Alienware several times over the past month regarding the issue, and have never received a reply. I have attempted to contact Alienware over their live chat, in which I usually wait about an hour, then I am told there is no one available. I have then called several times, in which I am told to either call back, or I'm hung up on. Several days ago I posted about this in these forums, but my topic was deleted. It was deleted with no reasoning and I was not notified as to why.

I am appalled at this situation, both due to Alienware and Dell. This is a simple issue, all I want is the proper drivers and BIOS for this laptop. I have already purchased a laptop through Dell Small Business and one through Alienware, and the response to my simple issue to is ignore me, hang up on me, and delete my posts? I find the business model that Alienware and Dell are perusing shocking and inefficient.

So back to my main question, how can I acquire the drivers and BIOS for my laptop? Or better yet, how can I register a My Hive account?

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    ... updated drivers for Windows 7 x64 are only available on Alienware's My Hive.



    Alienware Area-51 m15x Windows 7 64bit drivers Idea

    Granted - it's not the full set.  But Windows 7 will likely install default drivers for many of the components, and Vista drivers often work for those it doesn't?


    And which specific Vista 64bit drivers are only "partially functioning"?






    This is a simple issue, all I want is the proper drivers and BIOS for this laptop.


    Indeed it is a "simple issue".

    All the latest Vista 64bit drivers are offered on the drivers page I've linked to above, and the new BIOS is also available for both Windows 7 and Vista, on the respective drivers pages Idea

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  • Well the problem is, I got this laptop when the m15x series first came out about a year ago. I've already tried the drivers on Dell's website for the m15x, but none work since they appear to be for different hardware. It is the same issue with the BIOS offered, it will not update due to a hardware incompatibility. My only guess is that since the m15x series has been out for such a long time, hardware has undoubtedly changed (My laptop even looks different than the one in the picture), which is probably why you need the Agent # on Alienware's site to acquire an account and the drivers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but either way many of the drivers offered on that Dell page do not work with my laptop.

  • Go here. There is also an option to email them.

    Social Media Support
    Driver help & FAQs

  • That was actually the first option I tried, but unfortunately The BIOS is not on there and neither are all the drivers. And like I said before, I have tried emailing several times and have not gotten a reply...

  • So let me reiterate the issue I'm having. The drivers/BIOS I need are not on Dell's website (Although they have items for the m15x series, they are not for the older model I have), the drivers and BIOS I need are not all on Alienware's public page either. As far as I know I can still only acquire the drivers for my exact laptop by having access to Alienware's My Hive with my Agent #.

    I have already tried live chat with Alienware, emailing them, calling, and these forums now. So far none are pulling through with any answers as to how I can acquire the exact drivers I need, nor why they are not publicly available...

    If no one on these forums has the means to get the drivers for me or to allow me to access the My Hive account registered with my Agent #, what other options do I have to pursue in order to accomplish my goals?

  • I have the same problem. Bought my M15x laptop used. I do not have a logon to the Alienware support site. Upgraded to Windows 7 and am now having all kinds of problems. Can't get bios or other updates from Alienware because of their STUPID requirement to have a logon. NOBODY ELSE in the industry does this.  I will never buy or recommend Alienware.  The computer has all kinds of problems, all related to the drivers, all of which I can't find anywhere. FAIL.