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Do Alienware Aurora PC's have fan noise?

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Do Alienware Aurora PC's have fan noise?

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I know these PC's are liquid cooled - so I was wondering if this helps with the fan noise on the video cards?

I have an older Dell XPS computer and its fan gets super loud when I play games - where I can not even hear somone if they are trying to talk to me outside of my room.

Its time to get a new PC and I am looking at the Aurora with a GTX 260 video card. However I would like a PC that does not have loud fan noise when I am playing games.

Can anyone comment about how loud/quiet these PC's are?





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  • Well the only liquid cooled component in the Aurora is the CPU so no, it won't help reducing GPU fan noise. Although I am under the impression that the Aurora has a special bay for the videocards which is designed to have a better air flow though it (maybe even a extra fan in the case just for the videocards, not too sure), so the fans might not have to work so hard to keep the GPU cool. Also the brand/model of your videocard can make a big difference and the GeForce GTX line is infamous for being pretty noisy (especially in SLI), while ATI Radeon HD cards are very quite (I can't even hear the one I have atm). While saying this, I have to mention that its not probable that even the loudest GTX in SLI will make so much noise that you can't hear people talking, so if you're not TOO fussy about noise the GTX 260 should be fine.

    I could tell you more in a while, since I orded the Aurora with GTX260 about a month ago, but they keep pushing back the delivery date *grumble*

    Have fun choosing your machine!

    Alienware Aurora - i7 920 2.66gHz - 9GB DDR3 - 2x GTX260 1.8GB SLI - 750GB HD

  • Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear your PC keeps getting delayed - I hope you get it soon.

    If you get a chance to post about the fan noise after you get the PC that would be great.





  • I got my new Aurora about a eek ago and with the liguid cooling, i cant even tell it is on.  If it wasnt for the lights, i wouldnt know it was running.  that is even after playing 3D games for hours.   Havent heard any other fans speed up yet so it must do a good job moving the air around.




    You're lucky because My new Aurora ALX is VERY noisy after I start playing a game and I have yet to see a reading on the pci fan, it's always been at 0%.  I don't know what the pci fan is reading. video cards?  ]

    I have two 240s so maybe they run hotter than your config.  The 240 fans are on at idle too but they don't seem noisy.

    After thinking about it i just looked at the hard drive fan and it was reading 51% so I opened the case and it sounds like the noise is from the hard drive fan. I have seen that fan get to 79% when playing LoTRO.  It is noisy when playing COH and that is not a very demanding game power wise. Even now as I write this I can here the fan noise and the sensor on the hard drive now reads 54% the temp sensors are at 43c.

    i don't know what my ambient temp is but it says outside is 59f and I just opened the back door and can feel a little chill in my computer room.

  • I finally received my Aurora system last thursday and I have to say, its just awesome. It runs everything fine on max settings (GTA IV, Mass Effect, BioShock, Crysis etc.) without any trouble. The amount of noise it produces is quite low. The system isn't super quiet, but far from loud and very stable. Even under heavy processor/GPU use the fans never speed up (an exception is on startup, where the fans are programmed to run at 100% - it scared me the first time). This is with a single GTX260. When I have the $$ I'll buy a second VC and update on the noise in SLI.

    Alienware Aurora - i7 920 2.66gHz - 9GB DDR3 - 2x GTX260 1.8GB SLI - 750GB HD

  • Mine is the noisiest computer I have ever owned. Anything more than a bit of surfing or reading my email and the case fans are off full tilt. I've updated the alienware software and it's just the same albeit the new software is a bit less unresponsive. Very disappointing. My graphics card, A GTS240, is almost silent running's CUDA client. Pity I don't program CUDA.

  • How dose your 240 hold up on gamming.

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  • What resolution are you playing Crysis at?  I have an Aurora with i7 975 and GTX295 and can play Crysis only at medium settings (I am stuck having to play at 1920 x 1080).  Thanks.

  • I don't really play games other than the odd flash game on the net and that sometimes sets the fans off. :(

    The graphics card's going flat out most of the time and that's barely noticeable for noise. Even running on one core of the CPU kicks the fans in albeit not full tilt but still too loud to be tolerable. Running it on two or more cores just pushes it right up.

    It does seem from other posts this might be an issue with the Thermal Controller software on 64 bit Windows7 but why should I or would I want to drop to 32 bit? As Dell's premium brand I would have expected Alienware to ensure that these things work on all supplied operating systems before shipping.