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Alienware Windows 7 upgrade information

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Alienware Windows 7 upgrade information

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So I was looking around the web tonight and decided that I would order the Windows 7 upgrade that I got through alienware with my x58.

The problem it seems is that the alienware microsite for windows 7 is gone. I figure this is because of the switch to the backend but it frustrated me to no end.

Seems that not a lot of thought is given to these days.

Regardless, I figured since I looked at this site for answers, someone else might as well. So if you bought an Alienware before the switch the upgrade site for

Windows 7 is at

This will work with the coupon that Alienware sent out. the Dell site ( and Microsoft ( do not. at least at this moment.

If someone from Dell or Alienware looks at this, might want to take a look at the Alienware site. the headers don't match, several of the links don't work, not really the way to win over the enthusiast gamers that your brand targets.

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  • At least you get to upgrade. I ordered mine a week before they started offering coupons. :(

  • I am getting my M17x this friday and want to install windows 7 straight away because i've heard that vista doesn't run too good on alienware, anyway i was wondering if i would need to backup the laptop first or if i could just install it straight out the box.

    And i was also wondering if its easy to upgrade windows vista to  and if i need to download anything ??