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Alienware Area-51, BSOD while playing games

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Alienware Area-51, BSOD while playing games

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My Alienware Area-51 always being BSOD while playing games. I tried honestly everything, alienautospy, alien respawn factory restore. But nothing helped? The Dell warranty expired on 4/9/2012.

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  • Windows Event Viewer - Check for entry around time of strange event (crash, unexpected shut-down, etc.)

    BlueScreenView (BSOD)

    See longer docs in my Favorites

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  • Hello Onaizi!

    The link that Tesla sent you will help you a lot, please send us the bug check code and the cause by driver so we can determine what is exactly the blue screen about. 

    As well I will recommend you to run a PSA diagnostic to make sure there are no problems with the hardware. 

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  • It may not matter that your system is out of warranty. Chances are pretty great the BSOD is not related to a hardware problem. There are hundreds of STOP (BSOD) errors. What does the dump file say, or what do you see as the error codes on screen?

    Use the tips provided by Tesla to troubleshoot. Until you identify the condition causing the BSOD it is difficult for anyone to provide suggestions.

    Can you identify when (approximate date) the problem started or what triggered it? Windows Updates are famous for introducing new problems, and causing instability where a system was running stable. This is especially true if you have automatic Windows Updates enabled because the updates are often provided in a haphazard manner that may not be beneficial to your system. Driver updates that occur through Windows Update, especially video driver updates, can create terrible nightmares.

    A simple fix may be to use Windows System Restore to roll back to a date that you are certain that your system was functioning flawlessly. If that works, disable automatic Windows Updates. If you installed software after the date of the restore point it will need to be reinstalled. If you reinstall software that was removed by System Restore and the BSOD returns, then that might answer your question about what is causing it. 

    The best approach to Windows Updates is to manually check once in a while and select only those you feel will be useful. Anything that is obviously not something you want, right-click and choose "hide" so you don't have to be bothered by it ever again. Create a new System Restore point before running the updates and install them in small batches so you can easily undo any instability they might cause.

    While they can be useful to resolve problems and known issues with the Windows OS, if your system is running stable, only spend time looking at "critical" security updates. Everything else can be hidden and/or ignored. The "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach fits this scenario. In 25+ years of being a computer geek, I have yet to see a smooth running system that got smoother or faster on account of a Windows Update, but I have seen countless stable systems turned upside-down because of them.

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