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Alienware Aurora ALX fans running at full speed (PCI and HDD)

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Alienware Aurora ALX fans running at full speed (PCI and HDD)

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Hi guys having a few problems with my aurora and wondered if anyone else has had this problem before.

I restarted my pc this morning and the fans start up and run at full chat. the only way i can stop them is by going into the Alienware Command centre and turning them down manually. However it does sound like its about to take off until I login into windows and the thermal control loads. The system fan sounds like its running normally. Have run the diagnostics on the machine and they come back fine. Have also tried flashing the bios and discharging the power but no luck. 

It's 2 years old and under warranty till next year so not sure if something is physically wrong with it or something that I am missing??

Don't think it makes a difference but its running Windows 8.1



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  • Hello Wellsy989!

    I will recommend you to follow these steps:

    -Uninstall the command center from the control panel.

    -Do a power drain

    -Download the latest version of the command center from the Dell website and install it again.

    Let me know how it goes.

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  • Hi thanks for the advice. I tried that and it didnt work.

    In the end I formatted the HDD and put Windows 7 back on and reloaded ACC again. After installing that it sorted itself out.

    Thank you for your help!

  • I have the same problem, it started when I updated to Windows 8.1

  • Uninstalling Alienware Command Center and reinstalling it worked for me.  Everything is operating normally again.