Just bought an aurora r4 alx with amd radeon 7950 3gb When I play game, my monitor is probably 5 years old and Ive was using it on my other dell before that without any issue. Its an acer, plugged dvi. Every once in a while while playing the power light of the monitor turns amber and the monitor goes black and then it comes back a few seconds after. The GPU heat is way under overheating and same with my pc. I have updated the driver but didnt uninstall old one first. New catalyst. It still turns black randomly, somethime it doesnt and sometime it does more. Is it a faulty card?? Could my monitor be faulty even tho it was working fine prior to this? Even got new dvi cable thinking it could be it. Let me know if you have any idea what I should do. Computer is brand new. Oh and yea I know I should have a better monitor but whats thr point if the video card is the problem right now