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{MOVED}How to restore alienware m17xR3 to factory settings

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{MOVED}How to restore alienware m17xR3 to factory settings

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After I hit f8 and get to system recovery I do not have the option Alienware restore and Emergency Backup. How do I get that option? I installed alienrespawn but it won't restore my computer either without that option. Please help!! The only disc that came with my computer is a resource cd and windows 7. I have no idea what to do Crying

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  • Hello Gachick, 

    Since you are not able to access  Alienware restore and Emergency Backup, we need to perform a clean re-installation of the Operating System from the disks that you have. Please refer the article on How to Install Windows7 in an Alienware Computer for a detailed instructions on re-installing the operating system.

    **Note: Please ensure to back up all the data from your computer before performing the PC Restore as it would erase everything from your computer.

    Please reply with the results; I’d be glad to assist you further.

    Thanks & Regards
    Allan D
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  • I did that i installed windows 7 and i chose to install on the c drive since it was primary and now i cant do anything on my laptop the internet won't work and when I went to my computer my hard drive is all the way full it's red, I thought this would delete everything off my laptop now its twice as full! Please let me know what I did wrong and how I can fix this thank you.

  • Can anyone help me pls??
  • Hi, 

    Clean Re-installation means, deleting all the previous partition which had windows installed in it and then creating new partition to install windows. This might have been the reason why the hard drive space shows red. It has installed windows twice on the same partition. The main difference in a Windows 7 clean install verses other kinds of Windows 7 installation methods is that a clean install involves the removal of all operating system related partitions. 
    -- On the screen when it asks where do you want to install Windows, Click Device Options(Advanced).

    Now that all available drive options are listed, you can delete any operating system related partitions from your existing hard drive(s).
    **Important: Before continuing, be aware that deleting a partition will permanently erase all data from that drive. By all data I mean the operating system installed, all programs, all data saved by those programs, all music, all video, all documents, etc. that might be on that particular drive.

    --Delete the Partition Windows is Installed On 

    The message says "The partition might contain recovery files, system files, or important software from your computer manufacturer. If you delete this partition, any data stored on it will be lost." Click the OK button.
    -- Confirm the Partition Deletion.

    If there are any other partitions please delete them as well.

    As you can now see, all the space on the installed hard drive is unallocated. No partitions exist on this computer.
    Note: The number of partitions displayed and whether those partitions are unallocated portions of a hard drive, previously partitioned spaces, or previously formatted and blank partitions will depend on your specific system and which partitions you deleted in the last several steps. If you're installing Windows 7 on a computer with a single hard drive on which you've just deleted all the partitions from, your screen should look like the one below, aside from your hard drive being a different size. Choose the appropriate unallocated space to install Windows 7 on and then click Next.

    And the windows installs a fresh copy. For more details click here. Hope you find this helpful.

    Thanks & Regards
    Allan D
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  • Thank u so much I'm following ur steps now.

  • So far I have some of the drivers installed but I keep getting errors when I try to install the wireless internet. Could you please provide steps on how to do that because I've downloaded all the files on dell.com but it still is not showing up.

  • Hello GaChick,

    Check out this article, it has the order that you should install the drivers in, I apologize in advance because the links that should direct you to the drivers are not working, but the important thing is to follow that order:

    Alienware M17x R3: Initial Drivers Installation <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

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  • Thank yall much! I just have one last question. All my buttons on the right side of my keyboard works except for the eject button. I also used to have an eject button on my desktop. What do i need to download to get this back?

  • Hi.

    I'm trying to reset my Alienware m17x r3 back to factory settings because it is not working right - it crashes/freezes during games in such a manner that I have to remove the battery in order to reboot. It's also not performing even close to what it used to - can't proberly run most games even with the lowest graphics settings. Therefor I want to delete my partitions in order to reinstall windows and start all over. I'm trying to do as described above here, but there is no "Drive options (advanced)"-button to click, why is this and how do I then delete the partitions?

    Hope you can help