AlienAdrenaline: Game Mode FX not working correctly.

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AlienAdrenaline: Game Mode FX not working correctly.

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So I've made game modes for a few of my games, (League of Legends, Lord Of The Rings, BattleField etc) and they were working fine. But now every time I go to play a game the FX is reverting back to my original before I even start playing my game. It's not suppose to revert back until I close the game. I've remade each Game Mode but that didn't do anything.

Anyone know how to help me?

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  • VibrioCholerae,

    Delete all of your Alienware Command Center profiles, load the Dell default profile. Restart the system. Create a new user Alienware Command Center profile. Then, create the game modes. Test them.

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  • I tried as you said and I'm still having the same problem. Anything else I can try? If not I guess if I really want to change the FX I'll just do it manually before I start a game :/ Kinda annoying seeing as I just got this laptop less than 3 weeks ago.

  • How does one delete all of their Alienware Command Center profiles?